Chinese Challenge - Adventure Preview

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Welcome adventurers! Join Mr. Marc to travel back in time to ancient China. Monsieur Lazé is attempting to destroy China’s fruit and vegetable crops. Your mission: help Mr. Marc find Lazé and stop him before it’s too late!
Welcome adventurers! We're traveling back in time to Colonial America, where famous moments in the early history of the U.S. are getting mixed up. Help Mr. Marc save the founding of the country and reset these important events in American history!
Welcome adventurers! Professor Maddison has disappeared while doing research in Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Your mission is to help Mr. Marc rescue her and get her back in HQ! Be swift, be safe, and be adventurers!
Welcome adventurers! We’re headed to one of the world’s largest volcanoes - a Super Volcano - in Yellowstone National Park! This super volcano will soon be overdue for its next eruption and scientists need your help to calculate when that might be!
Welcome adventurers! We’re headed to Hawaii, which has eight main islands and offers an amazing range of plant and animal life. But there’s trouble in paradise: Lazé wants to destroy Hawaii’s pineapple crops! Help Mr. Marc find Laze’ and stop him.
Welcome adventurers! We're traveling to New York City! But this famous “city that never sleeps” has suddenly fallen silent and come to a mysterious standstill! Help Mr. Marc wake up NYC and get this important metropolis back on its feet!
Welcome, adventurers! Mr. Marc travels to the frozen Arctic Circle to stop an evil plan by Monsieur Lazé to freeze all of Florida’s fruit crops. Your mission: put his dastardly plans on ice before it’s too late! Be swift, be safe, and be adventurers!


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