Colonial Chaos - Adventure Preview

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Welcome adventurers! We're traveling back in time to Colonial America, where famous moments in the early history of the U.S. are getting mixed up. Help Mr. Marc save the founding of the country and reset these important events in American history!
Welcome adventurers! We’re headed to Egypt - the cradle of civilization - where a mysterious and powerful Mind Control Medallion has been reported missing. Your mission is to help Mr. Marc find it before it falls into the wrong hands!
Welcome adventurers! Mr. Clock has gone missing in one of the hottest places in the world! Once bustling with gold prospectors, the Mojave Desert is now home to ghost towns, giant dams, and abandoned mines. Help Mr. Marc rescue Mr. Clock!
Welcome adventurers! Mr. Clock has been captured by Lazé and is being held prisoner in the dungeons of an old Eurpean castle. Mr. Marc needs your help to storm the castle, rescue his friend, and escape from the dastardly Lazé and his naughty knights!
Welcome adventurers! We're traveling with Mr. Marc to the undersea Lost City of Atlantis to find a legendary and all-powerful energy crystal before it falls into the hands of Monsieur Lazé. Mr. Marc needs your help to find the energy crystal!
Welcome adventurers! Mr. Lazé has challenged Mr. Marc to a contest to find out who is the best athlete. The site of this competition is ancient Greece. Mr. Marc needs your help with each of the 10 different events in the competition!
Welcome adventurers! Join Mr. Marc to travel back in time to ancient China. Monsieur Lazé is attempting to destroy China’s fruit and vegetable crops. Your mission: help Mr. Marc find Lazé and stop him before it’s too late!


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