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Aww yea - get ready to rap about shapes with Alphabet Rockers! Circles + squares are everywhere in the world. Point them out and dance along with the crew.
"You Can Write" invites you into writers’ workshop, where writers are answering the question "I am like a ____." While some students dive into the assignment, a few are stuck. One can't think of ideas, the other can't remember how to spell a word. The Alphabet Rockers appear and encourage students to "say the word, stretch it out, hear the sounds, write them down" and "if there's a story you want to tell, write it now." Join the teacher and students in feeling like a super writer!
When Tommy introduces himself to the new girl, Kaitlin, he learns they like the same kind of music. Stef becomes jealous - is the new girl trying to steal her best friend?
Blast off with Alphabet Rockers through their hip hop grooves, rhymes, and “super positive messages for kids” [Common Sense Media]. Their energetic educational shows feature beatboxing, fun and easy to learn contemporary dance moves, interactive theatrical skits promoting healthy living, and original award-winning music from their CDs.
Dynamite is a hip-hop/pop anthem from Alphabet Rockers that turns Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes into a dance party of learning. Great for energizing a classroom or starting a family dance party! Dynamite was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and is featured on Alphabet Rockers Parents' Choice Award-winning CD, "Go!"  
“Food Calculator” features the Alphabet Rockers at snack time, determining which foods are healthy to eat! The "food calculator" helps them evaluate whether a food choice is healthy or not. The episode concludes with a music video with the Alphabet Rockers hit song with tips like "subtract the soda, add the water!" Get out your food calculators, your breaker moves, and your menu for your next family snack!


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