11 of the best books and articles on nursery rhymes

Posted on 29 May 2009

The Oxford Nursery Rhyme Book

Authors Iona Opie, Peter Opie, Joan Hassall.

This book consists of 226 pages in total.

Collections: Education, Literature, Entire Library.

For nearly 200 years, or even more, the transmission of nursery rhymes has received tremendous support through print. This book is the epitome of all nursery rhyme books, where more nursery rhymes are alive in the English language today than ever before.

The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes

Authors Peter Opie, Iona Opie.

This book consists of 654 pages in total.

Collections: Education, Entire Library, Literature.

The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes is a true classic that has put together more than 500 nursery rhymes, nonsense jingles, songs, rhyming alphabets, and lullabies conventionally given to young children. Each of the rhymes and songs has been listed in alphabetical order, starting with 'A was an apple-pie' all the way to 'Yankee Doodle came to town' and many more such favourites.

Thinking through the Arts

Author Wendy Schiller.

This book consists of 246 pages in total.

Chapter 9 "Nursery Rhymes".

Collections: Education, Entire Library.

This book has been created with an attempt to include broad-ranging and user-friendly text. It presents a unique insight of teachers taking up the role of researchers. It challenges the perception wherein art is emotionally-based and thus having to relevance to thinking and learning. The book covers topics such dance, drama, arts, music and environments.

The Natural History of Make-Believe.

A Guide to the Principal Works of Britain, Europe, and America.

Chapter 1 "The World Three Inches Tall: The Descent of the Nursery Rhyme").

Author John Goldthwaite. This book consists of 392 pages in total.

Collections: Education, Literature, Entire Library.

The Man in the Moon has descended upon earth to pay a visit. Elsewhere, a rabbit dressed in trousers is smoking a pipe while reading an evening paper. Not too far, Alice is walking past the meadows through a looking glass; Dorothy is having a fun filled ride sitting over a tornado which is taking her to Oz, plus Jack is climbing a beanstalk routed to heaven. This book is full of such children's stories.

English Children's Books, 1600 to 1900

Author Percy Muir.

This book consists of 258 pages in total.

"A Note on Nursery Rhymes" begins on page 76.

Collections: Education, Literature, Entire Library.

On page 75 one can find a note on Nursery Rhymes while on page 76 An Alphabetical list of rhymes can be found. Peter Opie and Iona Opie have so eruditely edited the Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes.

The English Carol

Author Erik Routley.

This book consists of 274 pages in total.

Collections: Religious Studies, Entire Library.

. '. The Seven Joys of Mary" it brings us very close into the realm of nursery-rhyme. The earlier versions belong to this in the medieval manuscripts.

The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature

Author Humphrey Carpenter, Mari Prichard.

This book consists of 594 pages in total.

"Nursery Rhymes or Mother Goose Rhymes" begins on page 382.

Collections: Education, Literature, Entire Library.

The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes incorporates fairy characters and nursery rhymes.

Shashthi's Land

Folk Nursery Rhyme in Abanindranath Tagore's 'The Condensed-Milk Doll,' in Asian Folklore Studies.

Author Sanjay Sircar.

Collections: Literature, Entire Library.

It is not known that what number of pages carry nursery rhymes or the total number of nursery rhyme listed in this book, they are mostly of generic type.

A Common Nomenclature for Traditional Rhymes, in Asian Folklore Studies

Author Syed Mohammad Shahed.

Collections: Literature, Entire Library.

Mostly termed as being "Mother Goose rhymes" and "nursery rhymes". Some of the out-dated terms used in the nursery rhymes have steadily been replaced by fresh "nursery rhymes words".

Children and Literature in Medieval England

by Nicholas Orme.

This book consists of 29 pages in total.

Collections: Literature, Entire Library.

Learn to play with classic medieval English children's literature. The term nursery rhymes were initially coined in the early 19th century which is completely misleading. They might be trying to convey that nursery rhymes are meant to be just childish.

Times & Tides, in History Today

Author Pamela Tudor-Craig.

This book consists of 3 pages in total.

Collections: History, Entire Library.

There is a nursery rhyme called White Bird Featherless. which happens to be amongst the most fascinating of all nursery rhymes, yet very few people are familiar with it.

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