4 things your child gets when you sing to them

Posted on 19 June 2015

Sing to kids
We have many articles talking about the importance of music in a child's development. This is another one but this time we talk about what parents can do and should be doing for their child. Parents should be singing to and singing with their children.

Studies have established that music is important in helping kids develop many skills. According to researcher and author, Sally Goddard Blythe, music is an important precursor to success in education and emotional maturity. She further explains that song are a special type of speech. The lullabies, songs and rhymes of different cultures carry the signature melodies and inflections of a mother tongue. This prepares a child's ear, voice and brain to learn their language. Particularly highlighted in Sally Goddard Blythe's book, The Genius of Natural Childhood, is the idea or the fact that there are numerous benefits to a baby when their parents sing to them. She says in her book,

Children's response to live music is different from recorded music. Babies are particularly responsive when the music comes directly from the parent. Singing along with a parent is for the development of reciprocal communication.

Here are some of the benefits that children get when we sing songs to them:

Baby music

  1. Bonding through music.

    Parents and children can bond in different ways and while they are young, music is one of the best ways to do that. A song can easily capture our attention, hold it, and give us a wonderful moment with its notes, rhythms, and beats. Your child can share this special moment with you and when they hear the song again they will feel comforted and even happy because there is an emotional connection with you and the song.

  2. Helps children develop language and movement skills.

    We have mentioned that researchers have a host of evidence supporting the idea that music helps language development in children. The sounds of the language are present in the song and the child hears it and the brain absorbs it. Many therapists use music as a tool to help patients strengthen language deficiencies. The evidence is quite clear that music is important in a child's life.

    Let us also not forget about dancing. Many children love to dance and it is a great way for them to explore using their bodies. Physical exercise is important for everybody and while kids are not able to go to gym or play a sport proficiently enough they can certainly get down to the beat. Plus dancing kids are just so cute.

  3. Learning through the song.

    Old McDonald had a farm and majority of us adults learned the names and sounds of the animals because we sang along to it. Your kids will do the same thing so singing these songs to them can make learning fun. It is also a good idea to establish that you are a partner in their learning experience. They'll love sharing learning experiences with you and you get to see firsthand how your child grows.

    There are other hidden lessons learned when kids listen to you singing. Their listening skills are being enhanced and they are learning to pay attention to you. Their brain also starts picking apart the music that they hear. Differentiating instruments, identifying changes in beat, tempo, and rhythm. Some kids will even be able to sense the entire structure of the song and be able to understand that there are different elements in the music.

  4. Emotional and social experiences.

    Different songs can help set different moods or modes. If your child is upset letting them hear a familiar lullaby or soothing song can help them calm down. If they have lots of energy and it is dancing time then start playing their favourite upbeat tune. They can do this at home and they can do this in school or during play dates with other kids. Either way, being able to sing with others helps them be comfortable around others and recognize that they have a community around them.

Singing is a healthy habit for everyone to develop and it is even more important for kids to develop. Sing to them, sing with them and if you are up for it, dance with them too. Make the most out of the time you have with them, while they are still small and filled with wonderful music.

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