Apple & Android Music Apps that you should consider getting for your kids

Posted on 17 April 2015

There are countless music apps for kids out there for your smartphone or tablet. It can be difficult to find a great music app that your kids enjoy and learn from. We scoured the Internet to see what the top picks are for music apps for kids.

The search was a little tricky because a lot of apps do several things, aside from teaching music. We wanted to find apps that mainly focused on music so that is what we are including in this article.

We have separated the apps between those you can use on an Apple device and on an Android. So if you want to know more about an app that we have listed check to see if they are under Apple or Android. These are not arranged in any particular order.

Apple music apps for kids:

  1. Kids Music Factory - This app will teach you and your kids how to play popular kids’ songs and there are other modes that you can try to keep the music learning fresh.

  2. Little Fox Music Box - Sing along songbook that also has interactive elements. You can also record your children singing through this app. They only have 3 songs for now but they are still great fun for kids between 2 and 6.

  3. Rockford’s Rock Opera - If you want a storybook that has music then this is the app you should look at. It is one of the highly rated apps on the iTunes Store.

  4. Music4Babies - This great app teaches children about music notes. Their listening skills will also be developed when they play with this app.

  5. NoteWorks - Kids can play this musical game that is designed to teach note recognition and improve sight reading skills. There are different levels to choose from so this app is great for children of all ages.

Android music apps for kids:

  1. Kids Songs Machine Free - Its great fun, teaches music, and its free. Give this app a try and if your kids love it, keep it.

  2. Music School for Toddlers - With this app you get 5 instruments that your child can play with. Wonderful if they are curious about different musical instrument or if they want to play with more than 1 instrument.

  3. Sketch-a-Song Kids - Children get to create their own music with this creative app. There are also no ads or in app purchases for this one.

  4. Carnival of Animals - Your kids will learn about high and low notes, and other elements of music with this app. Its use of animals also adds to the fun.

  5. Toddler Music Jukebox - Build your little one’s music repertoire with 12 classic children’s songs from this app. It has fun animations that also add to the overall enjoyment of the song.

This list is not nearly enough to cover the hundred, or maybe even thousands of apps that we can get for our kids today. But we hope that they help you get started and that you and your children have a great musical time with all of them.

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