Best girls songs for your baby girl

Posted on 27 June 2014

Parents love to sing girls’ songs for their little baby girls. Most of the parents would love to craft lyrics especially for their baby girl. But all of us are not lucky enough or talented to write baby songs. The little ones enjoy songs sung by their parents and cheer up while watching their parents sing for them. Generally most of girl songs are a tribute to the cute face, bouncing curls, lacy socks, and hair bows of girls. Singing is considered to be the best tool of developing sound awareness in your young children and these are very critical for their reading skills. We are going to discuss some of the best girl song for your daughter.

Best Girls Songs: Sing with your Baby Girl

Girls’ songs are all about their cute face, charming facial expressions, and their gorgeous smile. Being a father, singing song to your baby girl is the best feeling. Let us find out some of the best songs for your baby girl.

  • There Goes My Life: This song was listed as the number #1 song in Billboard Country Chart in December, 2003. The song has the story of a father who took care of her girl right from the time when she was a little girl to the time when she leaves for college. It is one the most famous and popular baby girl songs.
  • My Little Girl: This song was also used in the movie “Flicka” released in 2006 and this is the best song for fathers. You can dedicate this lovely song to your newly born baby and young girl too.
  • My Wish: My Wish has a clear impression of country music and it is one of the best baby girls songs ever made. This song was in best songs list of Country Songs Chart and Digital Bill Board.
  • Baby Girl: List of best girl songs is incomplete without this lovely song. This song is must for any collection made for your daughter. Every parent would love to see their baby girl growing from their princess to adult and a beautiful woman in future.

Songs are a great source of multiple sound patterns, great rhymes, and alliteration. There are lots of educational benefits of singing song to your child and it helps them in getting aware of the world of sounds. Singing song for your baby girl will help you in instilling love for language in your girl and help her understand languages on growing up.

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