How does music education benefit your child?

Posted on 21 January 2015

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There has been a lot of scientific study on how music benefits children of all ages. It is true that music is one of the best ways that we can connect with each other. But music can do so much more for all of us.

The power of music cannot be mentioned enough or emphasized enough. So many great memories are made with the help of music. So many lessons are learned through song and dance.

Here is an episode of Tedx by Richard Gill, Music Director of the Victorian Opera Company.

Music helps children learn. When they take music classes they are not just learning how to play an instrument or sing a song. They are also going through a whole process of learning.

  1. They have to sit and listen to the lesson. This helps them practice their listening skills. Getting used to staying still and paying attention is a great skill to learn. Sitting still is not easy for little kids and it is important that we keep music lessons fun. So make sure lessons are accompanied with some fun dancing and gestures.

  2. Listening skills get developed. The more used to listening a child is the more likely it is that they are able to listen well. Since they are always using this skill during music lessons it gets really well used. This also helps them learn new words.

  3. Increased vocabulary when learning music. A lot of songs will use different words and that means your children get exposed to more words when they take music lessons. Better vocabulary can also help with reading. Even important life lessons, like cleaning up can be picked up when children are in music class.

  4. Music and dancing go hand in hand. Dancing is a great way for kids to develop their motor skills. It is also a good way to get them to exercise without making it feel like work. Regular singing and dancing activities can help strengthen your child’s muscles. It will also make moving or dancing feel more natural. Although, for most kids, dancing is already as natural as breathing.

  5. Creativity is encouraged in music. Children who love to sing will start making up their songs. Mixing different sounds and words together is one way that they express themselves. Their brains are putting together the things that they have learned and molding it into a song that may or may not make sense to us, but to our little ones it is a fun learning experience. Encourage them to sing their own songs and make their own music. Join them and make up some silly songs to sing to each other. Creating your own music is the most important thing they can learn.

  6. Group lessons in music help develop a child’s sense of community and teamwork. Group activities are great for kids because they learn more about their world and the other people that inhabit it. They learn to do things together, to take turns, and to socialize with other kids.

All of these extra lessons are naturally experienced by children in music class. Not every child is meant to be a singer or a dancer but every child can benefit by taking music lessons. Children can greatly benefit from music but always remember to keep it fun for the little ones. Also, take the time to sing and dance with your kids. It is much more fun when you are doing things with your kids.

And if you want to find the best songs to use for your singing and dancing with your little ones, head over to our list of songs and you’ll find all the songs you need.

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