How music can help your memory

Posted on 5 May 2015

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When society still gathered around the campfire everything important, everything that we had to know in life was passed on through storytelling and through songs. It is amazing that we have been able to pass so much information over the decades and centuries. Thanks to the memories or our ancestors we still have knowledge about our past.

Music has long been used as a tool to help people memorize facts, information, stories, and history. Studies have also found that music is a great tool to learn new information not just help us remember.

Many of the songs that we have here are great songs to use when you want your little one to learn the alphabet or about animals. There are so many things that they can learn about through songs and music.

Researchers have found that music stimulates different parts of the brain. Music or even just basic sound is able to hold our attention. Sound does more than just hold our attention. It also evokes emotion, even makes our brain think of visual images. Music also changes your mood. If you need to study, playing music that helps you study has been found to help you remember better.

Children learn the alphabet through singing and yet the singing lessons stop as we get older. The way our brain processes music or sound doesn’t change but the way we expose ourselves to learning and information changes. Singing your lesson as you get older can be considered weird or corny. But music has always been around, passing on information, messages, and stories.

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Granted singing about Algebra and English grammar may be difficult but we can still make up our own little mnemonic songs to help our memory. Little children will make up their own songs with the sounds and the words that they learn. The more they do this the more they will remember them and know how to use them.

So let us keep singing songs to our kids because they will learn more. Sing songs about colors, letters, words, and animals. Sing songs about friendship, love, sharing, caring, and other positive traits. Do your best to monitor the words in the songs your kids listen to because the more they listen to a song the more it sticks to their brain.

Let us all keep singing songs to help our memory. It will take some practice, especially when we have to make up our own songs about things that we need to memorize. Just make sure you don’t sing a song about your password out loud or in public.

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