An overview of how nursery rhymes benefit all

Posted on 21 May 2009

Undoubtedly there exists many benefits of learning pre-school songs and nursery rhymes. More than anything, what it teaches young ones is the art of listening. It instills in them the skill of learning to what they listen to, which is an important step towards been able to read.

Here at BusSongs, we encourage children to learn, read and listen to Nursery Rhymes, songs and poems in a fun manner by presenting the vast collection of rhymes, poems and songs in an entertaining format. Through these methods, children learn to appreciate and also develop skills for rhyme and rhythm which in turn aids in the development of their memory and help them identify things around them.

Helps grow children activeness

There has been quite a number of research studies conducted which have tried to understand early childhood development. Reading patterns have shown that children who witnessed difficulties in recognizing words that have rhyme, go on to face problems in learning to read. Therefore, the importance of getting children well versed and acquainted with pre-school songs and rhymes cannot be underestimated.

Nursery rhymes helps in pushing forth these activeness in a child. There are many nursery rhymes on the activity songs page like Clap Your Hands. Fingers And Toes. Marching Song and many others songs that help initiate activity in growing toddlers. Poems and verses can be found on the children's poems page. These use words to paint word pictures in minds of growing kids about the world around them, and the gift of freedom, nature and animals.

Read, Act, Playing And Sing Rhymes

Upon reading, acting out, playing or even singing the rhymes to your children, you are in a sense telling them that sounds are created using words, and using words to convey an expression or thought is a fun thing to do. This way, you are using rhymes, poems and songs to enable children to learn the ability to identify things and understand different things easily. This is where the BusSongs site is really unique, not only does it have the words to nursery rhymes, but also corresponding music. Additionally, it also has videos for a large number of songs and rhymes. Parents can make learning more fun for their children. Nursery Rhymes can also help children develop, appreciate, and understand the humor that a large section of rhymes contain.

Nursery rhymes, pre-school songs and children's poems will always remain the same as there are. There's always going to be new children in our world who will start learning through the means of these songs. Parents, teachers and children have kept passing on these lovely traditions and heritage over centuries, allowing us to build a strong foundation for the future generations to able to benefit from our rich history.

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