Importance of patriotic songs for kids

Posted on 29 October 2014

The spirit of patriotism is important for understanding the true value of Independence and patriotic songs for kids are the best means to do so. Patriotism in an inevitable quality that every individual should have for his country and it is important for the prosperity of the country. It is very unfortunate that most of the kids are unaware of the importance of Independence Day. Most of the parents talk about the independence and history of freedom without realizing that kids are too young to understand these things. The best way to teach the importance of independence and implant the feeling of patriotism in your kids is to make them learn patriotic songs for kids.

Most of the children love to sing songs and learn rhymes. Patriotic songs and rhymes can be easily embedded in their tender hearts. You should try to explain the meaning of National Anthem to your kids. You can instill the feeling of love and respect for the Nation in your kid’s heart by making him sing the National Anthem. Most of the schools practice singing National Anthem during morning assemblies with the goal of instilling patriotic sentiments in students. Let us find out some of the most important patriotic songs for kids.

  • The Star Spangled Banner: American National Anthem is the best piece of patriotism that kids can learn. The song explains the history of America and the historic battle fought in 1812.

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy: This is the perfect song for teaching your kids the true meaning of being an American. This patriotic song includes colors of the American flag, importance of 4th July, and Uncle Sam.

  • This Land is Your Land: It is the most famous American folk song describing the beauty of America. The song conveys the message of everyone living together in the country and it is one of the most famous patriotic songs of America.

  • God Bless America: God Bless America is mostly sung during sporting events as the National Anthem. It is focused towards the virtues of our country.

It is always difficult to understand the hearts of our children but it is important that we all should try to instill the feeling of patriotism in our kids. We have to show them real life examples of our love towards our nation. Patriotic songs for kids can play crucial role in instilling the feeling of love and respect for the country they live in.

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