Introduce Raffi's fun and wonderful songs to your kids

Posted on 5 June 2015

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Listening to children's songs are good for kids but sometimes the poor parents need a break too. Another solution would be to find kids songs that kids and adults can listen to for long periods of time. There are a lot of musicians out there who have wonderful music for kids and are quite easy on the ears for us older folk. But one of the musician's we think about when it comes to songs like this is Raffi.

Now please note that we are not highlighting Raffi to convince you to buy any of his music. We are simply recommending a wonderful musicians work that we enjoy and think that you and your child will enjoy too.

Raffi was very popular from the 1970s all the way to the 1990s. As kids back then we grew up to his songs, perhaps that is why many parents today don't mind hearing his children's songs again.

His songs are definitely worth getting for your child today. They are educational, silly and fun, and filled with positive themes. You can easily get a copy of his songs and albums today. Or you may even be able to find an old cassette tape of his. That would really be a trip down memory lane for a lot of us if we did that.

Raffi has not really done any high profile music albums for children these past few years. He has focused on his role as president of Troubadour Music Inc., a company he founded to produce and promote his work. He is also a leading advocate for social and environmental causes. Raffi has devoted himself to Child Honouring. He has been honored for his work and has come to be known as "Canada's all time children's champion."

His mission in life is encouraging and he has shown that he is sincere with the work he is doing now and the songs that he has written over the years.

Raffi album

If you have never heard of Raffi or any of his songs then give 1 of his many albums a try. According to Amazon his most popular album to date is Baby Beluga. We have the lyrics and it is a fun song about a baby whale. Great for teaching kids about animals and nature. His silly songs also make use of different sounds so that your child practices saying them a lot when they sing along. His other hugely popular songs are Apples and Bananas and Down by the Bay.

You can find him singing on Youtube a lot so don't think that you have to buy his albums. Take the time to listen to him with your child and if they like it then maybe you should consider spending money for his album.

As far as children's music goes Raffi's songs are quite timeless and still on the top of many parents' lists.

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