Modern songs that you and your kids can listen to

Posted on 3 February 2015

Our love for children’s songs is one major reason why we created BusSongs. We strive to keep our site a place where parents and children can go and find old and new songs to sing to.

We understand that not all parents enjoy children’s songs. There are times when it can become too repetitive and sometimes parents may want to hear a song that they can appreciate more.

There are many artists who do have albums that are good for kids and adults alike. Adding variety to your children’s playlist can make a big difference in you hating a once beloved song because you keep playing it over and over again. The more diverse the songs and the genres in your child’s playlist the more you’ll probably be able to bear listening to it again and again.

We put together a brief list of music albums that you can look into if you want to add more songs. Some of them may not be to your tastes but we hope that you will discover some new musical treasures on our list. We did not include music albums from kids on this list.

Our goal here is not to promote the artist or make you buy their album. We just want to share what we have found. The list is also not placed in any sort of order.

Kenny Loggins Return to Pooh Corner - This album is filled with favourite songs that Kenny Loggins has redone. If you want a quiet album with songs you can use as lullabies this is the album to get.

Lisa Loeb was an award winning artist first and after some years in her career she came out with this album. Catch the Moon is a collection of children's music played in a folk music style. She is joined by her college music partner, Elizabeth Mitchell.

Lullabies of Broadway
If you love Broadway musicals then this is a great album to get for you and your little one.

Jack Johnson will always have a place on our playlist. His soothing, upbeat songs are always a lot of fun to listen and sing to. Jack Johnson and Friends is a must have album.

Reggae beats are always fun so we have to have Ziggy Marley's, Family Time, on the list. Ziggy won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Album for Children.

Laurie Berkner
Laurie Berkner has been singing and writing children’s songs for a long time. She has a lot of great albums and songs. But if you are going to listen to her for the first time, you should give this album a try.

They Might Be Giants is one of the newest bands on the list. They have several albums for kids already. This one though seems to be the most recommended. Listen to them and if you and your children like what you hear get this album for your kids.

We hope that you try out the albums we mentioned on our list. Before you buy any of them see if you can listen to a sample first, that way you can check to see if you really want it. You can also try to find the songs on Youtube.

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