Move to the groove: A dancing child is a healthy child

Posted on 19 July 2015

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Music, singing, playing musical instruments, all of these are wonderful for children and are tremendously important in a child's development. We must not forget that dancing is also another crucial activity that kids should participate in. We want to take the time to talk about dancing and its many benefits for children.

Dancing, much like singing is innate in everyone. Even if you have two left feet you still move them to a song that you enjoy. Most of us as adults do not dance or sing. We only do these things at home, when no one is around. But children do not possess the same fears or inhibitions as we do. This is why they are able to learn so much.

Dancing is a workout.

When you dance you move your body. The more you dance the more you move and the more you move the more you exercise. Many children today are overweight or do not get enough exercise. Dancing is a great way for them to use their hands, feet, and body to get healthy.

Dancing is also a great alternative to sports. They both require lots of physical exertion and movement. If your child does not show any inclination for sports they may be more receptive about dancing.

Dancing helps kids develop a lot of stuff.

We say a lot of stuff because dancing does help a child learn many things. When a child dances in class they are learning about their bodies. They get to explore its limits and its capabilities. They'll soon find that they can hop, jump, twist, bop, shuffle, shimmy, slide, and do more. The more familiar they are the more they'll be dancing.

As they learn about their body movement, a child's brain is also working on some other stuff. Children learn that they can express themselves with a wave of their hand. Children are able to express themselves through dance. Dance classes will also instill discipline and hard work on its students. Skills that are important for a child to develop and strengthen.

In a dance class setting, a child will learn about dancing with others in a group, or with a partner. Social bonding and teamwork go hand in hand in dance lessons and your kids will certainly benefit from learning how to be with others and how to contribute to the community.

Dancing fosters creativity and self development in children.

Whether they are exposed to dancing or not, children will have a natural tendency to move when they hear certain sounds. Adults do this when they tap their feet to a moving beat. A child that is comfortable with their body will dance and experiment with their own movement. Kids develop their own dances all the time because they are incredibly creative.

Dancing can also help a child become more mature and emotionally equipped. Being able to express your joy, excitement, anger, or frustration through movement is something we all need to do. By realizing that they do not have to shout or have a tantrum because they can release all of this tension in their dance, children can decide to use dance as a true form of expression for their feelings.

If you child continues to progress in dance and eventually attends a more formal dance school then recitals and performances can help boost their self esteem and confidence. By being on stage or performing in front of others they are learning how to express themselves in public. Another skill that is great to develop.

One more note we have about dancing is that dancing is not just for girls. Boys benefit just us much in dance as girls do. There is still a lingering idea that dancing is an activity best left for girls. If your son loves to dance please allow him to explore that desire.

The best place to start dancing is at home. Silly dances, swaying and slow dancing with your children can get them started. You can even use some of the action songs we have to help you start dancing. As you see your children dance you may even be encouraged to get up off of your feet and get on the dance floor too.

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