Music’s Healing power: How music therapy can help everyone

Posted on 19 September 2015

Music Therapy

The use of Music as a tool for therapy is increasing around the world. There have been many studies conducted about music and the findings support the idea that music is good for everyone. Music Therapy is a specific form of treatment conducted by a licensed and qualified practitioner. Good taste in music does not necessarily qualify one to be a music therapist. But having a background in music is a strong requirement.

This doesn't mean that you cannot use music as a form of personal therapy. Your favorite songs will almost always help you feel better. The right song at the right time can do many things for those who are listening.

Music can boost your energy levels providing a much needed push if you need to focus and do something that requires energy. In almost any sort of setting where physical activity is being done you will find that the music is of the upbeat and energetic kind.

If relaxation and meditation is the order of the day then pop in some calming and soothing music. This can help you get into the zone where you find peaceful relaxation and calm. The perfect example for these 2 different instances where music is used as a form of therapy is at the gym. At the beginning of the exercise session the instructor will normally play fast music. Music that gets you in the mood to move and push and exert effort. Music that energizes you. Towards the end, when you have reached the cool down period, the playlist will switch to slower and calmer music. Our brain automatically reacts to the type of music it hears and our bodies follow as well.

In these situations the form of Music Therapy is quite simple and is used to bring about a desired reaction from our brains and our body. The different types of music tells us when it is time step on the gas and get ready to sweat, and when we need to slow down, breathe, and rest.

Clinical Music Therapy is not as simple as this and requires a more specialized approach. Currently Music Therapy is being used in many different medical areas to help individuals who have different needs.

Music Therapy helps children with different specialized needs. A music therapist may work with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. It increases attention and focus because of its structured nature. Music has also been found to be good for children or adults with Autism.

Music Therapy can also help alleviate physical pain. Many hospitals have started using music as part of their treatment for cancer patients. They have found music can help a patient deal with physical pain. It can also be used for helping people deal with great emotional pain and depression.

This Ted Talk about Music Therapy briefly yet powerfully talks about the power of music and why it has been used as a way of healing.

Even the now famous band, Imagine Dragons has contributed their time to patients in a hospital. They performed their famous song, Radioactive, at Primary Children's Hospital in Utah.

If you want to learn more about Music Therapy please ask a qualified professional. We are happy to see that music is being used in medicine to help so many. Music is indeed a gift and we are happy to have received it and hope to continue to share it with everyone.

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