The best kid friendly pop songs

Posted on 7 January 2015

Here at our goal is to find and collect wonderful songs that children can sing, dance, and listen to. Our collection of lyrics is mostly old children’s songs, cultural songs, and timeless classic music for kids. While these are always great to sing and dance to there are a whole host of songs that are being created every year. So we wanted to make a short list of popular songs that may or may not be on your playlist yet.

We don’t mean to sound old and crotchety but we know a lot of parents feel that a lot of the popular songs played everywhere have lyrics that are not the best for children. We hope this list helps you find new songs and artists. This list is not meant to rank the music and artists mentioned. We just want to share some great music for children and everyone.

Katy Perry - Firework and Roar

Katy Perry is the first on our list thanks to 2 of her hit songs. Firework and Roar are both part of the top hits of the past few years. Firework was released in 2010 and Roar was released in 2013. Both are still part of our playlist and we play it frequently for the kids.

Both songs have a great message about self empowerment and belief in yourself.

This is by far the best version of Roar that we have seen.

Ellie Goulding also has some lovely songs that are great for kids. If you want a slower song that can work as a lullaby then give this song a listen. If you play the guitar then it is also a beautiful song to play and sing to your kids.

  • One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
  • Pharrell Williams - Happy
  • P!nk - Perfect (Look for the clean version)
  • OneRepublic - Counting Stars
  • Lorde - Royals
  • Owl City - All of his songs
  • Sara Bareilles - Brave (A lot of her songs are good too)
  • Journey - Don’t Stop Believing
  • Phillip Phillips - Home
  • Ben Harper - Steal My Kisses
  • Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
  • Train - Hey, Soul Sister
  • Flo Rida - Good Feeling
  • K’s Choice - Echo Mountain

There are a lot more amazing songs that you can listen to with your kids. It is always a great idea to listen to new and different artists. Our short list is just an example that there are many songs that are good for kids and adults. These aren’t the only songs that are on our playlist when we listen to music with our little ones. Sometimes the radio is not the best source for music. Ask your friends and family members if they have discovered a new singer who has great tunes. It is also important to listen closely to the popular songs being played so you know what they are singing about. You can always find really great children’s songs here on BusSongs.

Here is one last song that we love to play all the time. It is performed by the talented Michael Buble. This upbeat love song is wonderful to listen to, sing to, and dance to.

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