Using educational songs for kids in school

Posted on 17 July 2014

Most of the children prefer educational songs for kids for learning new facts. It is always better to teach with the method that the students are interested into. For example, the best way of teaching counting to young kids is with the help of a song like Chicken Count and the Counting Creatures. All you need to do is to use simple words with interesting gestures and movement of your hands. Children enjoy singing and they can catch up songs faster than anything else. It is the best way to teach them some information without even burdening them. We are going to discuss some of the best educational songs for kids which will help them in gaining information while enjoying themselves.

Educational Songs for Kids: Learning Made Interesting

Teaching with the help of educational songs is one of the traditional methods used for many years. It helps your kid understand major concepts like counting, simple mathematics concepts and much more. Let us find out some of the best educational songs that you can use for teaching your kid.

  • Meet the Planets: This is the best song for learning the elements of periodic tables which can be a boring lesson otherwise. They might be Giants is developed with high quality animation and simple examples like “Stars are made of Hydrogen” and similar ideas.
  • How Many Planets: Learning about the universe can be a real fun with interesting animations and sound effects used in this song. The song is based upon a space adventure in which students can visit different planets and get important details about these planets.
  • 5 on the Farm: This video is developed to help kids under the age of 5 in learning basic counting. The video contains different farm animals and funny puppets which can make learning an enjoyable experience.

These songs are best for getting started with the basic knowledge of counting and science. You can easily find educational CDs and songs provided over the internet. These educational songs for kids are developed with the idea of making studies stress free and enjoyable for your young kids.

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