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Posted on 19 June 2015

When children sing songs they have fun and are learning a lot. Read about some specific things that kids get when they sing.

We have many articles talking about the importance of music in a child's development. This is another one but this time we talk about what parents can do and should be doing for their child. Parents should be singing to and singing with their children.

Studies have established that music is important in helping kids develop many skills. According to researcher and author, Sally Goddard Blythe, music is an important precursor to success in education and emotional maturity. She further explains that song are a special type of speech. The lullabies, songs and rhymes of different cultures carry the signature melodies and inflections of a mother tongue. This prepares a child's ear, voice and brain to learn their language. Particularly highlighted in Sally Goddard Blythe's book, The Genius of Natural Childhood, is the idea or the fact that there are numerous benefits to a baby when their parents sing to them. She says in her book,

Children's response to live music is different from recorded music. Babies are particularly responsive when the music comes directly from the parent. Singing along with a parent is for the development of reciprocal communication.

Here are some of the benefits that children get when we sing songs to them:

Baby music

  1. Bonding through music.

    Parents and children can bond in different ways and while they are young, music is one of the best ways to do that. A song can easily capture our attention, hold it, and give us a wonderful moment with its notes, rhythms, and beats. Your child can share this special moment with you and when they hear the song again they will feel comforted and even happy because there is an emotional connection with you and the song.

  2. Helps children develop language and movement skills.

    We have mentioned that researchers have a host of evidence supporting the idea that music helps language development in children. The sounds of the language are present in the song and the child hears it and the brain absorbs it. Many therapists use music as a tool to help patients strengthen language deficiencies. The evidence is quite clear that music is important in a child's life.

    Let us also not forget about dancing. Many children love to dance and it is a great way for them to explore using their bodies. Physical exercise is important for everybody and while kids are not able to go to gym or play a sport proficiently enough they can certainly get down to the beat. Plus dancing kids are just so cute.

  3. Learning through the song.

    Old McDonald had a farm and majority of us adults learned the names and sounds of the animals because we sang along to it. Your kids will do the same thing so singing these songs to them can make learning fun. It is also a good idea to establish that you are a partner in their learning experience. They'll love sharing learning experiences with you and you get to see firsthand how your child grows.

    There are other hidden lessons learned when kids listen to you singing. Their listening skills are being enhanced and they are learning to pay attention to you. Their brain also starts picking apart the music that they hear. Differentiating instruments, identifying changes in beat, tempo, and rhythm. Some kids will even be able to sense the entire structure of the song and be able to understand that there are different elements in the music.

  4. Emotional and social experiences.

    Different songs can help set different moods or modes. If your child is upset letting them hear a familiar lullaby or soothing song can help them calm down. If they have lots of energy and it is dancing time then start playing their favourite upbeat tune. They can do this at home and they can do this in school or during play dates with other kids. Either way, being able to sing with others helps them be comfortable around others and recognize that they have a community around them.

Singing is a healthy habit for everyone to develop and it is even more important for kids to develop. Sing to them, sing with them and if you are up for it, dance with them too. Make the most out of the time you have with them, while they are still small and filled with wonderful music.




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Posted on 5 June 2015

Many singers and musicians have taken their hand at making songs for kids. One of the most memorable musicians of the previous generation is Raffi. If you are not familiar with his work, keep reading and look for him on Youtube.

Listening to children's songs are good for kids but sometimes the poor parents need a break too. Another solution would be to find kids songs that kids and adults can listen to for long periods of time. There are a lot of musicians out there who have wonderful music for kids and are quite easy on the ears for us older folk. But one of the musician's we think about when it comes to songs like this is Raffi.

Now please note that we are not highlighting Raffi to convince you to buy any of his music. We are simply recommending a wonderful musicians work that we enjoy and think that you and your child will enjoy too.

Raffi was very popular from the 1970s all the way to the 1990s. As kids back then we grew up to his songs, perhaps that is why many parents today don't mind hearing his children's songs again.

His songs are definitely worth getting for your child today. They are educational, silly and fun, and filled with positive themes. You can easily get a copy of his songs and albums today. Or you may even be able to find an old cassette tape of his. That would really be a trip down memory lane for a lot of us if we did that.

Raffi has not really done any high profile music albums for children these past few years. He has focused on his role as president of Troubadour Music Inc., a company he founded to produce and promote his work. He is also a leading advocate for social and environmental causes. Raffi has devoted himself to Child Honouring. He has been honored for his work and has come to be known as "Canada's all time children's champion."

His mission in life is encouraging and he has shown that he is sincere with the work he is doing now and the songs that he has written over the years.

Raffi album

If you have never heard of Raffi or any of his songs then give 1 of his many albums a try. According to Amazon his most popular album to date is Baby Beluga. We have the lyrics and it is a fun song about a baby whale. Great for teaching kids about animals and nature. His silly songs also make use of different sounds so that your child practices saying them a lot when they sing along. His other hugely popular songs are Apples and Bananas and Down by the Bay.

You can find him singing on Youtube a lot so don't think that you have to buy his albums. Take the time to listen to him with your child and if they like it then maybe you should consider spending money for his album.

As far as children's music goes Raffi's songs are quite timeless and still on the top of many parents' lists.




BusSongs.com has the largest collection of children songs & Cartoons on the Internet - with lyrics, videos,cartoons and music for over 2,500 kids songs and nursery rhymes

Posted on 19 May 2015

Being able to play a musical instrument is a great skill to have. But if you are thinking about starting your child on some music lessons read our article before you do.

There are many benefits to having your child learn to play a musical instrument. They learn a valuable skill, they also develop other skills related to learning, like listening. But one of the most important factors of playing music is being able to have fun with the instrument.

Many parents have a strong desire for their kids to learn to play music. There are different reasons behind this desire and not all of them are always completely beneficial to a child. We love music and encourage everyone, especially children to learn an instrument but there is a balance between encouraging and forcing someone to learn how to play.

Here is a helpful guide that we can use to help our children enter the world of music and music lessons. Ask these questions before you have your little one take lessons. Each child is unique and these guidelines may not always fit with a child's personality so do keep this in mind.

Is your child ready?

Pick Instrument 2
We've all seen and heard child prodigies and it isn't very hard for us to wish or even imagine that our child could do the same thing. Let us not forget that our children only have a short time to be children. They will have different levels of development and different natural inclinations. Some kids might want to pick up a guitar right away and some may just never enjoy music the way a parent does. Recognizing this is very important.

Being ready to take music lessons is an important part of music learning. Some instruments may require a certain amount of strength or physical ability. Some kids may not be emotionally ready to commit to music lessons. If they aren't ready for musical instruments yet, you can encourage them with fun singing and dancing lessons.

What instrument do they want to learn?

Pick Instrument 3

Children always manage to surprise and when they tell you that they want to learn a certain musical instrument you may be surprised. Letting them choose the instrument to play is just as important as waiting for them to be ready. Many kids stop playing music because the instrument they are playing was not the one they wanted.

Exposing them to different instruments and different music is a good way for them to discover new musical instruments. Take them to concerts, have them listen to songs that have unique instruments, and show them these instruments too.

Let us also avoid gender stereotypes when it comes to music. The drums are not just for boys.

Take your child's personality and musical preference into consideration.

Pick Instrument 4

You know your child and you know if you need to push them or step back. You may also have some insight about the type of instrument they declare they want to learn. Talk to them about it first. If you play the same instrument then give them a trial lesson or a trial run so they can see if it is what they really want. Actually, being able to give them a trial run for any instrument they say they want to learn would be ideal.

As a toddler did your child bang on things a lot or were they always drawn to stringed instruments? Try to remember what instruments they were attracted to when they were really young and see if any of that preference stayed with them.

Does your child have a preferred genre of music already? Perhaps they have a favorite band or song? When he or she hears them do they mimic the guitar, the piano, the flute, or the violin the most? These little clues might help point your child to the instrument they want to play. They may not even want to play a musical instrument. They may prefer to sing or dance. Some kids may even choose to stay away from music altogether and pursue other interests.

Music lessons are not always fun and games.

Pick Instrument 5

Learning music is not always easy. There is hard work, long hours of practice, and moments of frustration involved. Many kids will naturally want to stop their lessons once they encounter these bumps. This is why letting them learn an instrument of their choosing is important.

This requires a more delicate balance of parental authority and childhood freedom. You know your child so you have to determine if you make them stick to the lessons or stop them altogether. Keep in mind that once they have reached a certain level of skill, the frustration and anxiety may drastically go down and even disappear completely.

Encourage them to keep up the lessons and let them have a break when it gets too much. Take them out for some ice cream or a day at the park and when you get back they may just be ready to play some more music.

Being able to make music is a gift to the world. We can help our kids add more music to our world. But we have to be careful and make sure that they are making music out of love and passion.




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Posted on 5 May 2015

Music can help us in many ways. One of those is by helping enhance our memory or memorization skills. Read on to find out how it can help us remember many things and improve our memory.

When society still gathered around the campfire everything important, everything that we had to know in life was passed on through storytelling and through songs. It is amazing that we have been able to pass so much information over the decades and centuries. Thanks to the memories or our ancestors we still have knowledge about our past.

Music has long been used as a tool to help people memorize facts, information, stories, and history. Studies have also found that music is a great tool to learn new information not just help us remember.

Many of the songs that we have here are great songs to use when you want your little one to learn the alphabet or about animals. There are so many things that they can learn about through songs and music.

Researchers have found that music stimulates different parts of the brain. Music or even just basic sound is able to hold our attention. Sound does more than just hold our attention. It also evokes emotion, even makes our brain think of visual images. Music also changes your mood. If you need to study, playing music that helps you study has been found to help you remember better.

Children learn the alphabet through singing and yet the singing lessons stop as we get older. The way our brain processes music or sound doesn’t change but the way we expose ourselves to learning and information changes. Singing your lesson as you get older can be considered weird or corny. But music has always been around, passing on information, messages, and stories.

memory 2

Granted singing about Algebra and English grammar may be difficult but we can still make up our own little mnemonic songs to help our memory. Little children will make up their own songs with the sounds and the words that they learn. The more they do this the more they will remember them and know how to use them.

So let us keep singing songs to our kids because they will learn more. Sing songs about colors, letters, words, and animals. Sing songs about friendship, love, sharing, caring, and other positive traits. Do your best to monitor the words in the songs your kids listen to because the more they listen to a song the more it sticks to their brain.

Let us all keep singing songs to help our memory. It will take some practice, especially when we have to make up our own songs about things that we need to memorize. Just make sure you don’t sing a song about your password out loud or in public.




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Posted on 17 April 2015

It is very easy to get lost with all of the music apps for kids that are available. We did some research and we put together a list of some of the best apps you can get for your kids. These are not the only great apps though, there are still more out there.



BusSongs.com has the largest collection of children songs & Cartoons on the Internet - with lyrics, videos,cartoons and music for over 2,500 kids songs and nursery rhymes

Posted on 5 April 2015

Disney has given us great movies and songs that we will always remember and love. But which songs are loved the most. We turned to the Internet to see which songs are the most loved.
  1. The Circle of Life from the Lion King - The Lion King is one of the best movies that Disney has ever produced and it is no surprise that The Circle of Life is on the list.

  2. Beauty and Beast from Beauty and the Beast - Sung by Angela Lansbury and the movie, this song captured that romantic evening between the Beast and Belle perfectly.

  3. Let It Go from Frozen - This is the latest big hit from a Disney movie. Some people can’t get enough of it, while some people wish that they could let go of the song already.

  4. A Whole New World from Aladdin - A song about discovering new things with someone you care about. Aladdin had some other great music but this was the one that stands out the most from the movie according to the Internet.


  5. Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas - The movie did not have a whole lot of songs in it. But this one is one of those songs that people really loved when it came out.

  6. Reflection from Mulan - One of the first Disney movies to feature a strong female lead, Mulan had lots of great songs. Sung by Lea Salonga in the movie and sung by Christina Aguilera on the radio version. It is a wonderful song about finding who you are.

  7. Part of Your World from Little Mermaid - We watched Little Mermaid so many times growing up. We also memorized the songs. From the lists we saw it looks like we aren’t the only ones that loved the movie and the song.

  8. You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan - We saw this on a lot of people’s lists and we agree. This is the most memorable song from the movie Tarzan.

    Mary Poppins

  9. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and thats all you have to say about this song really. Its a fun silly song that has remained popular over the years.

  10. Go the Distance from Hercules - While some of us liked Megara’s song in the movie, Go the Distance has featured on a lot more lists so we are putting it on the list.

  11. Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book - Baloo’s carefree song got us jumping and dancing around as kids. This really is one of the best songs from a Disney movie.

  12. Life is a Highway from Cars - This country rock song is on our playlist and we always love to play it when we are on the road. Another great hit from Disney.

  13. Everybody Wants to be a Cat from Aristocats - Yes, we all wanted be a cat. A cool cat that danced and sang with Thomas O’Malley and the Aristocats.

  14. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo from Cinderella - If only a fairy god mother really showed up when you sang this song we would have had lots of wishes already. Or a whole lot of Pumpkin carriages and glass slippers.


  15. When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio - Another song that we song hoping our wishes would come true. Wonderful words and they work well as a lullaby too.

We know that 15 songs out of all the Disney songs is a very short list. But we have to stick to the 1 song per movie rule that we imposed upon ourselves. We hope you enjoyed our list and the trip down memory lane. We would love to see you make your own list of your favorite Disney animated movie songs.




BusSongs.com has the largest collection of children songs & Cartoons on the Internet - with lyrics, videos,cartoons and music for over 2,500 kids songs and nursery rhymes

Posted on 17 March 2015

The world is filled with unusual and exciting things. Here is a short list of some of the most unusual music instruments that exist today. You might consider learning how to play some of them.
Pyrophone. This organ is played by explosions and fire. If you play this instrument you need to watch out for burns. It was invented by Georges Frédéric Eugène Kastner. These were invented around the 19th Century.
  • The Great Stalacpipe Organ Another Organ on our list is built into a cave. The Stalacpipe Organ was designed by Leland W. Sprinkle inside the Luray Caverns near Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, USA. It took him 3 years to finish.
    Great Stalacpipe Organ

  • Glass Armonica Also known as hydrocrystalophone. This instrument uses a series of glass bowls or goblets of different sizes to produce musical tones through friction. The Glass Armonica in the video was invented by Benjamin Franklin.

    1. The Singing Ringing Tree Another huge musical instrument that nobody needs to play. This 3 meter high musical tree was designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu of Tonkin Liu. It is made up of galvanised steel pipes of that harness the energy of the wind.
      Singing Ringing Tree

    2. Theremin Many people may be familiar with the Theremin. It is one of the most well known weird musical instruments. Yet only a few people are able to gesture music out of it. Leon Theremin patented this electronic musical device in 1928. This instrument has been used in several movies. Once you hear the eerie, haunting sound it is quite possibly from the Theremin.

    3. Musical Road Have your ever driven across a road and all of a sudden you hear music playing and your radio is turned off? Well there are several roads around the world that will play music when you drive across them. Grooves are placed in the road and when you drive over them the vibration causes music. There are 4 musical roads you can drive over in the world: Asphaltophone, Melody Road, Singing Road, and the Civic Musical Road.
      Musical Road

    4. Washboard Aside from being able to do the laundry on a washboard you can make some pretty great music too. Practice enough and you might even find yourself in a band. You can use spoons or a thimble to play the washboard.

    5. Vegetables There is an orchestra group in Vienna that plays music using vegetables. While we peel, slice, and cook our greens, they play music with them. The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra officially started in 1998. Before they play they always have to shop for the right “ingredients”. Although their music may not appeal to all listeners.
      Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

    There are lot more weird musical instruments out there. Who knows you might even invent a musical instrument that will take the world by storm. Or maybe we’ll add it to our list.




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    Posted on 5 March 2015

    Different people like different types of music. But the kind of music that you like may actually tell you more about yourself. Learn a little bit more about yourself and the music that you enjoy through this article.
    article by Jane Collingwood on PsychCentral Today.

    Blues - You have high self-esteem, are creative, outgoing, gentle and generally relaxed.

    Jazz - You also have high self-esteem, are creative, outgoing and not stressed at all.

    Classical music - You also hold yourself in high self-esteem, are good at creating things, introverted and at ease. Fans of this genre have varying age levels.

    Rap - Fans have high self-esteem and are outgoing. There has been no evidence based research that Rap music fans are more aggressive or violent people.

    Opera - Opera lovers also have high self-esteem, have a creative streak and are gentle.

    Country and western - Good at working hard and outgoing.

    Reggae - Fans have pride in themselves, friendly, gentle, confident, very relaxed, but not hardworking.

    Dance - Definitely creative and outgoing but not gentle.

    Indie - Fans need to work on their self-esteem, but they are creators. They are also a little bit allergic to hard work and may not always be gentle.

    Bollywood - Fans are creative and outgoing.

    Rock/heavy metal - Fans need to be more confident, they are creative, gentle and at calm people. The results also show that they are not hardworking or outgoing. Rockers are found in the young, the middle aged, and the old.

    Chart pop - They also have high self-esteem, are good workers, friendly and gentle, but are not creative or relaxed.

    Soul - They have high self-esteem, are creative, outgoing, gentle and at ease.

    If you notice, the study focused on certain parts of our personality. Whatever the genre we like, a lot of us have high self esteem, we are creative, and outgoing. As you look through the list do you find yourself agreeing with the findings? Or do you think that they got it wrong?

    We also found a free online music personality test that may give you some more specific information. We took the test and it seemed pretty accurate to us. But whatever our favorite type of music is, or what our personality is like, we hope that we all continue to enjoy music.




    BusSongs.com has the largest collection of children songs & Cartoons on the Internet - with lyrics, videos,cartoons and music for over 2,500 kids songs and nursery rhymes
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