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Posted on 19 October 2015

Before you get your child started on expensive music lessons. Before you buy them their own musical instrument. Here are some things to consider before you have them take their first music lesson.

This is definitely something that parents contemplate and worry about. If you want your child to learn to play an instrument you will be thinking about the right time for music lessons. The answer to this question is not easy and it is not the same for every child. There are a lot of factors to consider before you should enroll your child in a formal music class.

Music lessons don't always have to be the formal class settings that we think they are. Babies in the womb and infants can have music lessons when parents play music or sing to them. This is already a time when they are learning about music. This is why it is also important to expose your kids to music from the womb or at an early age as possible.

Another form of music lessons is when a child starts to participate in singing and dancing activities at home or at a nursery class. The teacher will not get mad if they don't sing the song the proper way but the goal is to have them participate in their own way. These music sessions are all about having fun with a group and having fun with music.

The 3rd type of music lessons is the formal one. This is when kids have an actual music teacher and they follow a schedule. There is a progression in terms of what kind of music lessons children should be attending. But the fact remains that children will be ready at different times. Children who show natural musical aptitude and love for music will be ready before others.

Parents should also consider the maturity or capability of their child to take instruction. Formal music lessons means that the student has to sit still, concentrate, listen, practice, and practice some more. This requires a certain level of maturity and growth on a child's part and kids will develop this at different ages.

Perhaps the most important thing to think about is the reason behind the music lessons. Many parents may be pushing their kids to take music lessons for their own reasons. There is such a thing as parental peer pressure and it happens a lot in the music lesson setting. Responding to peer pressure is rarely a good thing and parents need to be careful.


In most cases, the main reason behind music lessons should be because the child wants to do it. That initial desire and commitment is very important. Many children stop playing an instrument when they get older because they were forced into it and once they had the choice they stopped. If a child wants learn and do the hard work and have fun then please let them do it.

On the other side of the argument, some parents will need to step in and give their child a push. Not all children who were forced to play an instrument keep on hating it. Some grow to love it. Some even become more mature and learn important life skills because of it. But there is a very delicate line and balance to this and the parent will have to determine what to do.

Victor Wooten, an award winning musician, talks about how he learned to play music in his family.

We never really gave an answer as to when you should enroll your child in music lessons. But hopefully these ideas can give you a better understanding of the perfect time. We hope this helped and we hope that you and your child continue to enjoy great music together.




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Posted on 5 October 2015

It is very hard to forget the first musical that you watch on stage, especially if you watch it when you are young. We talk about the musicals that you should take your child to so that they can have a magical musical experience too.

Watching a musical live in a theater is a completely different experience that cannot be compared to a movie. The entire spectacle of the stage, the performance, and the story is something that everyone should see at least once in their life and more if they can. Now most Broadway shows are great for the whole family but if you are not careful you may be bringing your child to a show that is more mature than you thought it was.

So if you want to expose your children to the lights, the sounds, and the glamour of the broadway stage pick a show that will truly make it memorable and wonderful. Children love to watch performances and a broadway show is definitely a show that you'll want them to remember and enjoy.

Not every city or country has an active or a strong theatrical presence. Also, other cultures may have their own form of stage presentation which may or may not appeal to the citizens of that country more. So when we say broadway show, we mean a show that has appeared on Broadway in New York but can and has been performed in other parts of the world.

The Lion King is the first play on the list. Everyone is most likely familiar with the movie and the play has its own spectacular elements. There are also different songs between the show and the movie. But if this show ever comes to your city it is worth spending a little extra to go see it with your kids.

Aladdin is also one of the more recent broadway musicals. This show started running in 2011 and is still going strong today. This means that you might get lucky and it might come to your area.

Cinderella is one more Disney movie that has come to Broadway. It has been well received and is a show worth watching with your little ones.

Matilda is now a musical and we loved the movie and the book very much so if the show comes to us we will definitely watch it. We also don't want to get locked up in the "chokee" for not watching it.

Mamma Mia is a fun and fabulous experience with the family. The disco themes and the costumes are certainly out of this world.

Beauty and the Beast may not be running anymore on Broadway but plenty of other performing guilds can pick it up and perform it. This is also a play that many schools can perform.

Jersey Boys is another great show. If you want to share some great 60s music with your kids this is a show you must see.

Wicked is definitely a show that everyone in the family has to watch. This is one of the newest shows that have become such a huge hit.

Not all great shows in Broadway follow the musical show format. There are plenty of other shows that grace the stage and they are also not to be missed.

Stomp is a great show filled with percussive beats and dancing. There may not be a story but the music and performance is incredible.

The Blue Man Group is another funny act that must be seen live. These amazing performers are funny and talented, it is a real treat to see them on the stage.

Cirque du Soleil is a performing company that travels all over the world to perform. These acrobats are world class and if they come to your city make sure you are able to watch them.

A lot of these shows are available in the United States or in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately not all countries have a huge and established theater industry. If you get to watch these shows then great. But the best thing to do is to support your local artists and performers. If they put on a show with one of the plays we have on the list then go and watch them. But if they choose a show that is a little bit older or maybe not as popular please still watch them. The whole experience can be a treasured memory in your child's mind.




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Posted on 19 September 2015

Laughter is the best medicine but in some cases music is the best option you have. Music's healing powers may be hard to explain but there is no question that music can heal.

The use of Music as a tool for therapy is increasing around the world. There have been many studies conducted about music and the findings support the idea that music is good for everyone. Music Therapy is a specific form of treatment conducted by a licensed and qualified practitioner. Good taste in music does not necessarily qualify one to be a music therapist. But having a background in music is a strong requirement.

This doesn't mean that you cannot use music as a form of personal therapy. Your favorite songs will almost always help you feel better. The right song at the right time can do many things for those who are listening.

Music can boost your energy levels providing a much needed push if you need to focus and do something that requires energy. In almost any sort of setting where physical activity is being done you will find that the music is of the upbeat and energetic kind.

If relaxation and meditation is the order of the day then pop in some calming and soothing music. This can help you get into the zone where you find peaceful relaxation and calm. The perfect example for these 2 different instances where music is used as a form of therapy is at the gym. At the beginning of the exercise session the instructor will normally play fast music. Music that gets you in the mood to move and push and exert effort. Music that energizes you. Towards the end, when you have reached the cool down period, the playlist will switch to slower and calmer music. Our brain automatically reacts to the type of music it hears and our bodies follow as well.

In these situations the form of Music Therapy is quite simple and is used to bring about a desired reaction from our brains and our body. The different types of music tells us when it is time step on the gas and get ready to sweat, and when we need to slow down, breathe, and rest.

Clinical Music Therapy is not as simple as this and requires a more specialized approach. Currently Music Therapy is being used in many different medical areas to help individuals who have different needs.

Music Therapy helps children with different specialized needs. A music therapist may work with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. It increases attention and focus because of its structured nature. Music has also been found to be good for children or adults with Autism.

Music Therapy can also help alleviate physical pain. Many hospitals have started using music as part of their treatment for cancer patients. They have found music can help a patient deal with physical pain. It can also be used for helping people deal with great emotional pain and depression.

This Ted Talk about Music Therapy briefly yet powerfully talks about the power of music and why it has been used as a way of healing.

Even the now famous band, Imagine Dragons has contributed their time to patients in a hospital. They performed their famous song, Radioactive, at Primary Children's Hospital in Utah.

If you want to learn more about Music Therapy please ask a qualified professional. We are happy to see that music is being used in medicine to help so many. Music is indeed a gift and we are happy to have received it and hope to continue to share it with everyone.




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Posted on 5 September 2015

We never stop working and learning. Even when we listen to music we learn things. Read how music can benefit kids as they get older and learn new things.

Listening is not just simply hearing a person talking or hearing a sound. Real listening is a skill and it needs to be developed. Babies begin to learn words and sounds because they hear it from their parents and environment. As they get older they hear more sounds and they learn more. This is why listening to quality music is important.

"Quality Music" can be different for everyone, but there are some studies that mention a specific type of music that is great for babies and kids when it comes to improving their listening skills.

Classical music, according to research looks to be the best genre to listen to if someone wants to develop their listening skills. Of course, listening to music already contributes to strengthening this skill, but Classical Music has been the most widely used type of music in these studies and it has proven to be very effective.

3 Listening Skills that are strengthened by listening to music

Active Listening is the first skill that we come to. Active listening means that we are fully engaged in the act of listening. There are several things we should be doing in order to be actively listening.

  1. Eye Contact and facing the speaker is very important. This helps us focus on the speaker.
  2. No talking on the part of the listener. We should also mention minimizing or eliminating other sounds that may distract us from listening.
  3. Giving attention to the message of the words and also looking at the body language of the speaker.
  4. Empathizing with the message is how we reply in active listening. This shows that we have understood the message and are responding.

Concentration is the next skill. The more you and your kids practice listening to the lyrics of a song or the arrangement of the instruments the more we are exercising our concentration. Concentrating helps us focus. Whether it is school, work, or play time concentrating on the activity in front of us will help ensure that we do our best.

Empathy is another important skill. When you empathize with someone you don't necessarily agree with them. Empathizing means that you are responding in an appropriate manner based on your understanding of what you heard.

All this talk seems to be quite technical and boring but we actually do this every time we communicate well with someone. When your child is actively listening to you they are doing their best to understand what you are saying. If we did this all the time then we would have a more harmonious life with everyone.

So please do listen to music with your kids. Listen to songs that you both like and sometimes listen to songs that you don't enjoy as much. Talk about the words, and the story or meaning behind them.

Listening to music to improve your listening skills doesn't always mean that you have to choose Classical Music, or a specific genre of music. The best way that babies and toddlers learn is through play so choose fun songs that you and your little one can listen to. The more we practice listening the better we will be at it.




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Posted on 19 August 2015

Having fussy children is part of being a parent and we welcome all the help we can get when dealing with fussy kids. Find out how you music can help calm your child.

We have all tried using music to affect our mood or our child's mood. In the morning we play upbeat songs to wake ourselves up and help us get ready for the day. At night we generally listen to slower songs so that we start winding down. Such is the power of music that we use it to set the tone of our next activity or mode.

Music can be used to set the tone of the day or the next activity for your child too. Of course we don't mean that you have to wake your slumbering baby with loud music. If time permits, allow them to wake up on their own. Let them enjoy their sleep even though they may not necessarily let you enjoy yours. When they are awake and its time to exercise or get ready to go to school playing some fun upbeat music can help get them in the mood. Don't forget to continue the singing and dancing in the car but make sure that you are not too distracted if you are driving.

We use music to help us express our emotions and to put is in the mood. Our children are no different and finding the right mix of music to play throughout the day can help you and your child get through a full day's work and play.

Studies have reinforced the general notion that music affects our senses and the way we feel. The type of music we listen to can have a positive or a negative effect on our mood. When it is time to be active play fast and upbeat songs. Kids in school love to stand up and start dancing when they hear a fun song. It is also good to try playing these songs if they are feeling down. It may just be what they need to make them their own cheery self again.

But one of the best uses for music that we have found is when we have a fussy or cranky child. We have a playlist of lullabies and gentle soothing music and we just start playing those. They don't have to be loud, in fact, setting them as background music can have an even better effect on children. Subconsciously their brains will still hear the music and their brains will react to the calming music.

When we hear or feel music, our brains and bodies instinctively try to match the rhythms and the beat. This is why you'll often find that you have been tapping your toes or swaying along to the music. If you have never paid close attention to how your body reacts instinctively to music make a mental note to observe how your body rhythm changes. You can also do a little experiment with your babies or toddlers. Look at their body language when you play certain songs.

Of course, music will not work all the time and it may not be easy to remember to play soothing music when you are stressed out because of your child. Using music in stressful situations is quite similar to music being used as therapy. You may have to take some time to determine which songs actually help calm your child. Not all children will enjoy lullabies. We have seen some kids immediately calm down and go to sleep to rock music. So every child will have that special song. The trick is to discover the song as soon as possible so you can use it.


The next time your little one becomes testy or fussy try playing a familiar song that you play or sing. Songs that they hear during nap time or bedtime may work the best. Use the same trick to help you relax too. Remember that music soothes the fussy child or the savage beast, or the stressed out parent.




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Posted on 5 August 2015

As parents we can get a worried about what our children are exposed too. Songs that are played on the radio are not always for kids so we thought we'd talk about them in our article.

The world is no longer as wholesome a place as it was when we were young. We stand by this statement at the risk of sounding old and conservative. Wholesome music is still around but it is no longer what we hear on the radio. The popular songs today have very different themes and they are not always appropriate for children.

We can't say that we do not enjoy the music that is popular today but it is very hard to enjoy it when we have our kids with us and they are singing to a song that talks mainly about materialism, sex, drugs, and violence.


Let us be clear that we are not telling parents how they should raise their child. We are not telling parents what songs they should or should not let their child listen to. What we want to advocate is the idea that parents need to pay attention to the songs that their kids hear. On the radio, on the TV, and even on their child's personal music devices. By paying attention to the words of the song parents can get a sense of what their kids are being exposed to. This can lead to better understanding between parent and child and even a new avenue of bonding.

Understand your child more.

You may discover that your child's musical preferences are similar to yours. This means that you can share your favorite musicians with each other. If a child understands that they are able to talk freely about their music to their parents then a new avenue of great communication is opened up in the family.

If you do find that your child's favorite songs contain objectionable material you may also want to consider a few things before you start banning their song. Censoring is not the best solution and taking away a favorite song can result in a difficult time at home. It is a good idea to talk to your kids about their song choice. Give them a chance to tell you why they like the song. Talking about these things can lead to greater understanding and may even help your child open up more.

We were kids too.

Parents would also do well to revisit some of the songs that their parents let them listen to as they grew up. They might be surprised at the content of those songs too. The 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s were not always a place of clean lyrics. So parents today can say that we were among the first to be exposed to mature themes in music as we grew up. Of course, they were mostly more subtle than they are today.

We also need to avoid the bias of every generation. The idea that the past was much better and more wholesome is not always true. This idea can be argued back and forth but if we really want a better place for our children then we should just start looking at the present and see what we can do to make it better.

We hope that everyone gets to enjoy the music that they like in a positive way. We also hope that the music being created today and tomorrow continues to educate, enlighten, inspire, and encourage our children.




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Posted on 19 July 2015

Kids love to dance and they learn so many things from it. Find out why dancing is so important and why we should dance with our kids more.

Music, singing, playing musical instruments, all of these are wonderful for children and are tremendously important in a child's development. We must not forget that dancing is also another crucial activity that kids should participate in. We want to take the time to talk about dancing and its many benefits for children.

Dancing, much like singing is innate in everyone. Even if you have two left feet you still move them to a song that you enjoy. Most of us as adults do not dance or sing. We only do these things at home, when no one is around. But children do not possess the same fears or inhibitions as we do. This is why they are able to learn so much.

Dancing is a workout.

When you dance you move your body. The more you dance the more you move and the more you move the more you exercise. Many children today are overweight or do not get enough exercise. Dancing is a great way for them to use their hands, feet, and body to get healthy.

Dancing is also a great alternative to sports. They both require lots of physical exertion and movement. If your child does not show any inclination for sports they may be more receptive about dancing.

Dancing helps kids develop a lot of stuff.

We say a lot of stuff because dancing does help a child learn many things. When a child dances in class they are learning about their bodies. They get to explore its limits and its capabilities. They'll soon find that they can hop, jump, twist, bop, shuffle, shimmy, slide, and do more. The more familiar they are the more they'll be dancing.

As they learn about their body movement, a child's brain is also working on some other stuff. Children learn that they can express themselves with a wave of their hand. Children are able to express themselves through dance. Dance classes will also instill discipline and hard work on its students. Skills that are important for a child to develop and strengthen.

In a dance class setting, a child will learn about dancing with others in a group, or with a partner. Social bonding and teamwork go hand in hand in dance lessons and your kids will certainly benefit from learning how to be with others and how to contribute to the community.

Dancing fosters creativity and self development in children.

Whether they are exposed to dancing or not, children will have a natural tendency to move when they hear certain sounds. Adults do this when they tap their feet to a moving beat. A child that is comfortable with their body will dance and experiment with their own movement. Kids develop their own dances all the time because they are incredibly creative.

Dancing can also help a child become more mature and emotionally equipped. Being able to express your joy, excitement, anger, or frustration through movement is something we all need to do. By realizing that they do not have to shout or have a tantrum because they can release all of this tension in their dance, children can decide to use dance as a true form of expression for their feelings.

If you child continues to progress in dance and eventually attends a more formal dance school then recitals and performances can help boost their self esteem and confidence. By being on stage or performing in front of others they are learning how to express themselves in public. Another skill that is great to develop.

One more note we have about dancing is that dancing is not just for girls. Boys benefit just us much in dance as girls do. There is still a lingering idea that dancing is an activity best left for girls. If your son loves to dance please allow him to explore that desire.

The best place to start dancing is at home. Silly dances, swaying and slow dancing with your children can get them started. You can even use some of the action songs we have to help you start dancing. As you see your children dance you may even be encouraged to get up off of your feet and get on the dance floor too.




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Posted on 5 July 2015

A few years ago musicals were the normal form or movie entertainment. Today it is not that popular but because we love music and songs, musicals have a special place in our heart.
musicals at an early age. There are many older musicals that are still great for children to see. Although, we understand if you are quite tired of it. After all, you or someone in your house probably watched it 200 times a day. Keep in mind that your parents suffered through it and if it makes your kids happy then you may just have to go through it too.

Our list is not going to be ranked and will not be arranged in any order of preference. But they are on this list because we believe that they are geared for children, have positive values, and are over all great movies to watch no matter how long ago or how recent they were released. Be warned that we may gush about a certain movie due to the emotional attachment and love we have for them. Trips down memory lane can and will probably happen.

Sound of Music

Sound of Music Obviously, this would be present on a list like this. This movie is truly one of the classics that should not be missed. If you don't have a copy it isn't difficult to find a neighbor or a friend who does. Just don't blame us if "The Hills come alive to the sound of music" everyday, 3 times a day.

Annie Little orphan Annie has been adopted into countless homes and hearts over the years. There is a remake of Annie and it will be released on December 19, 2014. This is the best time to introduce the original to your kids.

Little Mermaid Show this movie and you may find yourself dancing once again to Sebastian's Caribbean beats. Another must see movie for your kids.

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz The witch can be a little terrifying to some kids but the whole movie is absolutely great. The yellow brick road is a great place to travel with your little ones.

High School Musical This is one of the more modern musicals and it is for more older kids. Nevertheless this musical is fun and even younger children enjoy singing and dancing to the songs.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flying cars and a funny baron who loves big toys. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was one of our favorites growing up.

The Lion King We are not even sure why we have to add this one to the list. We are pretty sure everyone has their own copy or has shown this to their kids. But just in case, here it is on our list.

Mary Poppins Mary Poppins was able to get us to drink down some pretty bitter medicine and that feat alone cements her place in this list. Of course it is also another great movie that must not be missed.

Blue's Big Musical Movie What can we say, we love Blues Clues too and we are happy that he has his own movie musical so we think that you and your little one should watch it, at least once.

Dora the Explorer - Move to the Music Dora is not our generation but she is certainly present in our living rooms as our little one goes exploring with her during TV time. So give them a treat and let them see her movie too.

Sesame Street Elmopalooza Another movie that parents may not readily identify with. Elmo has effectively take over Sesame Street, hence the name in the movie title. But Sesame Street is always about fun and singing and dancing and learning so it goes on the list.


Enchanted We love this modern princess story where the princess gets to save the day and save the "prince". We are also hoping that playing the "Working Song" will persuade our kids to clean up the house.

We have 12 movies on our list. That is a lot of movies and if our kids are like us when we were young 12 is plenty because these movies will be watched over and over and over and over again. We hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to make your own.




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