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The Large Bird steals Ginjas’ snack, but his gluttony turns him into an amorphous creature. Through the allergic mutations of his body, the notions of addition, subtraction, and multiplication of forms are explored.
Ginjas is approached by a constantly changing curved line, that morphs into a succession of animals. The notions of blot, full and empty, suggestion and synthesis of forms are explored.
Ginjas’ submarine seems to be occupied by stowaways that insist on sabotaging the thin walls of their secret hiding place. The notions of mapping and direction, surface and depth, composition and partition of the screen, are explored.
When he tries to locate an intriguing noise in his phone, Ginjas follows a never-ending thread, finding different landscapes and its inhabitants. The notions of cycle and variation, in- and out-of-field, continuity and discontinuity are explored.
Ginjas decides to play a musical excerpt on the piano, but is successively sabotaged by the Small Birds, that prefer other instruments. The notions of metamorphosis and synesthaesia regarding the sound-image relation come into play.
Ginjas decides to free the Small Birds, treated as small prisoners by the Large Bird. In his attempt to make this well-intentioned endeavour real, the cinematographic notions of in- and out-of-field, travelling and continuity are explored.
The Small Birds try to find a stable seating spot on Ginjas’ suitcase, fighting amongst them for a place – but each time they touch their colours mix. Colour addition is explored: yellow, red, and blue.


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