Honkbarn Bluegrass Banjo Jam

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Grab your banjo, grab your friends, and get ready to dance it up in this first episode of Honkbarn. And if you like this cartoon, there's a whole lot more below!
Strap on your scuba gear, music lovers! The Honkbarn monsters diving into a music video that can't be beat! Drums CAN be beat, but that's totally different. Especially when the drums are actually jelly fish. And what is that, an octopus? A squid? A new creature we've never heard of? You decide!
Here's a bouncy Honkbarn sing-along video. It's got beat boxing, doo-wop singing, drumming, harmony...well, it's got a bit of everything for all you cartoon lovers out there!
Here's a catchy tune from Honkbarn, with one simple lyric: LA! LA LA! LA LA LAA!!! Yeah, that's the way these cartoons like to jam. Also, watch out for a huge, green, multi-eyed squish monster. What's a squish monster? Watch and find out. LAAAAA!!!!
More monstrously melodic music coming up! Move over Monsters Inc. Get out of here, Aah Real Monsters. The Honkbarn Monsters are ready to rock out and take over the throne. And thanks Dave Girtsman for the original tunes!


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