Lishy Lou and Lucky Too Episode 6

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 Lishy Lou, Lucky and Thingamajig have converted the treehouse in to a barn. They invite their guests in and surprise them with a hoedown! “Little Red Rooster” plays as they all have a dance party hoedown-style.
In honor of national siblings day, grab your brothers and sisters and get ready to do the Sibling Shake!
 Lishy Lou and Lucky rush into the treehouse so they can be on time for their dance party. Lishy Lou can’t catch her breath and Thingamajig reminds Lucky that water would make her feel better. Lishy Lou hydrates — “hydration station!” — and all is well again. Lishy Lou, Lucky, and their guests have a “Say What?” dance party.
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band is on the pulse of all things kids music and brings smart, crafty lyrics with irresistibly fresh pop beats. “Lishy Lou and Lucky Too” is a live-action TV show starring Lishy Lou and Lucky. They live together in a magical treehouse with their dear friend Thingamajig. Each episode, Lishy Lou and Lucky will throw a party for YOU that will be based on an extra special theme.
While Lishy Lou and Lucky are setting up for their dance party, Lishy Lou gets a little too excited and accidentally knocks Thingamajig offline. Not to worry! One of Lishy Lou’s many talents is that she’s an engineer. She gets Thingamajig smiling again in no time. Lishy Lou, Lucky, and their guests celebrate by having a dance party to a song inspired by their dear friend, “Thingamajig”.
It’s Halloween and Lishy Lou and Lucky are throwing a costume party. Lishy Lou is dressed up as a knight, but Lucky isn’t sure what costume to wear. Thingamajig suggests a princess would be a good pairing for Lishy Lou’s knight. Lucky decides to go for it — princesses are kind and loving leaders. “Lishy Lou, Lucky and their guests have a “Pretty Princess” dance party celebrating princesses.
Lishy Lou and Lucky are throwing a pirate parrrty! They apologize to their guests for not telling them ahead of time so they could come in pirate costumes, but they weren’t sure how to contact them. Thingamajig reminds Lishy Lou and Lucky about email. Lishy Lou and Lucky write an email to their friends promising to use this technology to contact them from now on. The treehouse then rocks out dance party-style to “Lines and Dots”.


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