The Legend

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The story of when Juga, Yusi and Shumadan all meet. Juga is sleeping when a comet from space crash lands on Qumi-Qumi land!
Yusi finds an old battle robot on the dump and transforms him into a faithful iron assistant. Juga and Shumadan don't like new Yusi's friend, because he's better than them at everything. They plot to get rid of theie new rival, but it isn't a simple task.
Juga is instructed to charge a solar sheep which gives light to his tribe at night. However, the General from Shumadan’s military tribe abducts the sheep for it to serve him. Juga has to get it back with the help of Yusi and Shumadan.
Qumi Mix is a number of small sketches from the Qumi world. What kind of trouble can Yusi, Juga and Shumadan stir up on an ordinary day in Qumi-Qumi land?
Juga goes underground where a Queen with three eyes makes her enchanted prisoners cook jam for her. Juga beats the Queen and takes her third eye which contained her magic power. Is our careless Juga able to control this new power?
The General from the Shumi-Qumi tribe chases after a small oil drop named Oilo. He wants to use this cute creature as fuel for his rocket. After discovering his cruel plan Yusi Juga and Shumadan decide to confront the General.
Three friends are fishing peacefully when sea monster swallows their bait. The monster eats Yusi and disappears underwater. Juga runs to get help while Shumadan jumps into water. Which of the guys will save Yusi and become her hero?


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