5 Little Turkeys

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Five little turkeys standing in a row. (Hold up 5 fingers)
First little turkey said, I don't want to grow. (Hold up 1 finger)
Second little turkey said, Why do you say that? (Hold up 2 fingers)
Third little turkey said, I want to get fat. (Hold up 3 fingers)
Fourth little turkey said, Thanksgiving is near. (Hold up 4 fingers)
Fifth little turkey said, Yes, that's what I hear. (Hold up 5 fingers)
Then the five little turkeys that were standing in a row,
All said together, Come on, let's go! (Move fingers like they're running away).

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Information About 5 Little Turkeys

5 Little Turkeys is a song that is set to the tune of the song Five Little Ducks. Of course, it is a song that is going to be sung more during the Thanksgiving holidays. You will need five children to dress up as the little turkeys. Then while the children are singing the song, they can act out all of the movements that go along with the song. Plus the children are going to be learning how to count while they are singing the song. This is because the children are going to be using their hands to show the turkeys.

The song starts to count down from five turkeys and gives a warning to the last of the turkeys to run for its life or else it will be cooked for the Thanksgiving feast.

There are several actions that the children can do while they are singing the song. The first action is that the children are going to be standing by your door. The second action is that one of the children is going to walk off so leaving four little turkeys. The third action is the children are going to be sitting under a tree. The fourth action is that another child is going to walk off so there are three little turkeys. The fifth action is the children are not going to do anything but stand around looking at each other.

The sixth action in the 5 little turkeys is another child is going to walk off so they leave two little turkeys. The seventh action is that the little turkeys are going to be sitting in the sun together. The eighth action is the last child is going to walk off so there is only one little turkey left. The ninth action is the one little turkey is going to run away so that he does not get cooked on Thanksgiving Day. Your children are going to have a lot of fun while they are singing this song.

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