5 Pennies

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I have 5 pennies
5 pennies under my bed one rolled on the floor
And then there were 4 little pennies over by the tree,
A frog came and got one and now there were three.
Three little pennies under my shoe
Along came an ant and now there are two.
Two little pennies laying under the sun,
Soon came a caterpillar
Who put it on his back and then there was one.
One little penny who was all alone,
Rolled along until he found his home.

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Information About 5 Pennies

5 Pennies was written by Danye Kaye and was based on the hit movie that he played in 1959. This is a great counting game because you can give your child five little pennies and let them count them as you are giving them the pennies. The child is going to used the first one of their pennies to make a wish on so that all of these wishes will come true. The second one of their pennies is going to the one that the child is going to be able to dream on so they will always have the best of dreams while the child is asleep during the night.

The third one of the 5 pennies is going to be the dancing penny. This is going to be great if you have a little dancer as your child. This is probably going to be their favorite penny if the child likes to dance. The fourth one of these pennies is going to be the penny that they are going to want to laugh with. This means that it is going to help to take away all of the tears from the child. Therefore, the child is never going to have anything to cry about while they are young and so innocent.

The last one of the 5 pennies is going to be one of the most important pennies of all. This is because this is going to be the loving penny. The child is going to know that they are always loved no matter what happens in their life. Even though, the child is only going to have five pennies, they are going to feel like a millionaire. Therefore, when you are singing this song to your child, they are going to feel a lot better about themselves.

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Torn, Moldova, Republic of

8 March 2017 at 11:34pm

The voice of raattnoliiy! Good to hear from you.

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Mrs.candy, United States

28 April 2012 at 4:55pm

Be carfuul.

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Temi Ajayi, Australia

23 March 2012 at 12:35pm

I really enjoyed this song and this page. Am learning to be a teacher and needed to know some of these song and make activities around it for children. Thank you for your help and God bless

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Joanna, Iloilo Philippines

13 May 2009 at 5:51am

thanks for the lyrics... its really a big helps for me..... it wont be hard for me to teach my nephew some letters and numbers even colors and animals for i just teach him the songs and explain a little bit about the song and make him understand what we are singing.... we both enjoy the activity and i too really like nursery rhymes and Christian songs since child until now that i am 20 yrs. old...some of my friends laugh at me when i sing it.... but i prefere to listen to those songs rather than wordly songs that you could hear on radios and yo could see on the television exept of course on christian songs because im a christian..... thank you again and God Bless.....

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