A Diller A Dollar

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A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar!
What makes you come so soon
You used to come at ten o'clock;
Now you come at noon.

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Information About A Diller A Dollar

Little is known of this short rhyme "A Diller A Dollar". The word 'diller' is a Yorkshire term for a boy who is dim-witted and stupid. The rhyme incorporates some nonsense asking the student 'what makes you come so soon?' when in fact he is always late?

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Blessing, Dominican Republic

18 July 2016 at 2:39am

Zattoo vil heller ikke vise danske kanaler til udlandet – jeg krydser fingre for Live Station (og glæder mig til jeg kommer hjem fra arbj)dee.

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ghdhdfn, United Kingdom

26 November 2014 at 10:44am


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Bella, Canada

6 June 2014 at 1:09pm

It was good

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Mandolyn, United States

29 August 2011 at 5:38pm

i like it but it needs more words

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Alysa, Santa Rosa

31 December 2008 at 8:14pm

it's really interesting. but it will need a little changes.

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