A Race


Merrily the breezes blow!
(We're in Wonderland, you know. )
Merrily the hoops are spinning!
(Hats, are they? well, it's no matter;
All the better for the hatter. )
Can you tell me which is winning?
Red or blue? I wager red.
Ladies first! But Master Ned
Won't be far behind Miss Alice.
When the pretty race is run,
They'll put on their hoops what fun!
And go home to Wonder Place!

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Espn, Lao People's Democratic Republic

18 July 2016 at 4:35am

I think the proposed flag is pretty ugly. The tri-color has quite a bit of history as it was used to represent the first Armenian Republic fron 1919-1921. And it is gorgeous. In any case, the Armenian government has more important things to worry about than replacing the current flag, so it’s good th;2e#8y17&re not considering it.

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