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A B C D,
E F G,
It's as easy as 1 2 3.
H I J K,
L M N O P,
Some of the letters rhyme,
you will see. .
Q R S,
T U V,
We're almost done now,
W X Y Z.
Now I've gone through our ABC's,
Maybe next time you'll say them with me.

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Information About ABC's

Like many children's songs, there are many variations to the classic "The ABC's". The song, which is taught to youngsters as a means of teaching the alphabet, features several different tag endings and connecting lines depending on what time period, culture or country where it is sung. As an example, in several English speaking countries, the last letter "Z" is pronounced "zed" to accommodate different rhyming schemes for the final line like "Sugar on your bread, eat it all up before you're dead".

Perhaps the version most often sung in the West is the one printed here. Traditionally, the tune of the song is the same used by Mozart for his piano variations, which is more commonly learned as the other children's classic "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

There are examples of alphabet songs used to teach young children in many non-English speaking cultures around the world as well. "Shiva Sutra" in Sanskrit, the Japanese "Iroha" and "Alif, Ba Ta Tsa" in Arabic speaking lands are notable examples.

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