Baby Things


I Love all happy baby things,
That live in Wonderland--don't you?
No matter if they fly on wings,
Or run on four legs or on two;
And Baby Bunnies, soft and small,
I think are prettiest of all.

If you and I stand still behind
The hedge that shades this lovely place,
Perhaps, when this one shall have dined,
We'll see him wash his pretty face,
And long soft ears, and wiskers too,
With his wee paws--as Bunnies do.

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Fidelia, Czech Republic

8 March 2017 at 8:03pm

Itseasiassa kuinka sattuikaan - olen käynyt kyseisessä talossa. Ite en ylulsonnolliiiin juttuihin usko, mutta talo oli kyllä vanha jne, ullakkoa varmasti näyttävät ohjelmassa, ainakin "emäntä" meuhkasi kovasti siellä meille. Tapahtuman talo on Nakkilassa

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Susana, Iran, Islamic Republic of

19 April 2014 at 3:55pm

ooh yes i'm all about the spotify! and i'm super picky about ceorvs (see: 60s gems should neverrrr be turned into a ska/punk. NEVER!) but i already know and love half the ceorvs on your list so i'm going to trust you for the other half. off i go to listen!

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