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"The Bear Hunt" or "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" first became popular as a camp song in the 1950s. In 1997, Michael Rosen and illustrator, Helen Oxenbury, made into a fun, enchanting and very popular picture book.

Though the exact origin of "The Bear Hunt" song is unclear, many Native American cultures have songs and myths about bears. Bear dances are performed often before following bears into the woods, hopefully helping them to hibernate.

An excellent lesson plan based on "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" complete with printable activities can be found here:

'The Bear Echo Song' and 'Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar' are also great chant songs with engaging rhythms that involve the children.

"Oh Look" by Patricia Palacco is another book in which a trio of goats goes on an adventure similar to the family in the Rosen and Oxenbury story. Though the rhythm of the book is not as easy, the illustrations and the goats' adventure make it worth checking out.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

This version will let you meet the bear earlier

Going on a bear hunt
Going on a bear hunt.

Do you see a bear, I don't see a bear.

Walking into the woods.

Do you see a bear, I don't see a bear.

Getting in a canoe
Paddling across the river
Getting out of the canoe.

Do you see a bear? I don't see a bear.

Climbing up a tree.

Do you see a bear? I don't see a bear.

Climbing down the tree.

Walking along.

A BEAR (Slap your hands on your thighs as a sign of running away.)

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Secret, A country

29 August 2013 at 11:01am

This song scared me when i was young xd but i love it now

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Not Telling, Australia

12 August 2012 at 1:55am

I love this song!

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Punkie, United States

12 May 2012 at 8:19am

Where can you get this song

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Jessica, United States

4 October 2011 at 12:34am

I remember most of this song was teaching it to my daughters when i noticed alot of differences in the song but still one of there favorites of all time.. btw, they are 20 19 and 10. lol. still love it when we go camping kind of a tradition at our home

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Desiree, United States

20 April 2011 at 8:25pm

I love this song and I am 16!

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Jenna, Canada

3 February 2011 at 12:16am

I want to know if there is music somewhere written down so that kids can be exposed to the notes at the same time. Does anyone know of any?

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Azula Of The Fire Nation, Hokaido, Japan

26 July 2010 at 9:40pm

I used to sing this all the time at camp.

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Bob, St Helens

20 March 2009 at 5:00pm

amazin the most annoyin song in the world

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Angela, Wheaton, Usa

20 November 2008 at 10:12pm

My daughter loves this song talks and sings it all the time! Keep them coming

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