Bessies Song To Her Doll


Matilda Jane, you never look
At any toy or picture-book.
I show you pretty things in vain--
You must be blind, Matilda Jane!

I ask you riddles, tell you tales,
But all our conversation fails.
You never answer me again--
I fear you're dumb, Matilda Jane!

Matilda darling, when I call,
You never seem to hear at all.
I shout with all my might and main--
But you're so deaf, Matilda Jane!

Matilda Jane, you needn't mind,
For, though you're deaf and dumb and blind,
There's some one loves you, it is plain--
And that is me, Matilda Jane!

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Vfdhvdsjk, Canada

26 April 2011 at 8:39pm

I believe this poem shows Lewis Carroll's fascination with his young neighbour Alice Lidell. Lewis Carroll was so fasinated almost upsessed with her that he asked for her hand in marriage when she was at the very young age of eleven and I believe this poem reflects how she had never give him the time of day.

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Chuva Ekek, Ek Ek City Mars

24 October 2009 at 3:27am

enk onk enk ink ank ink onk onk oink (translation: hi.)

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