Body Parts


Body parts, body parts,
We've got more than a few.
We even have a few
I bet you never knew.
We can touch the ceiling,
Or even touch your shoe.
Now,__________ show us something
we can try and do.

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Information About Body Parts

The "Body Parts Song" was written byWendy Wiseman and Sari Dajani. They first performed the song in the year 2000 and the song has gained popularity since then. They first recorded the song on the CD Country Kid issued by the Kidzup label.

The song encourages active participation from children and is probably most appropriate from children from the ages of 3-6.

The song is humorous with a catchy rhymes and rhythm. It asks children to do things like wiggle their ears and smell their toes. It would probably work best with a group of preschool age children singing it as a group.

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