Boom Boom, Ain't It Great To Be Crazy!

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You can add this verse to make it a bit longer

I must go off to a barbecue now in Oxford with
friends, but if you do not know "Boom, boom, ain't it
great to be crazy", ask and I'll send it to you.
Joe Martin.

This is a more condensed version we found

Horse And A Flea And Three Blind Mice
Sat On The Curb Stone Shooting Dice
Horse Fell Down And Sat On The Flea Whoops Said The Flea
There's A Horse On Me
Boom Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy
One Dark Night Just After Day A Wandering Man Had Lost His Way
Saw A Sign Post Very Very Faint
Climbed To The Top And Said Wet Paint.

Boom Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy
I Was Out With The Milk One Morning Along Came A Maid
Said Lets Have A Race
Sure As I Was In It I Was Coming In A Winner
When The Mail Called Milk And I Lost That Race
Boom Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy
I Had A Dog And His Name Was Rover He Was Nothing But A Pup
He Could Stand Upon His Hind Legs
If You Held His Front Legs Up. .
Boom Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy.

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alvin, Saint Kitts and Nevis

11 February 2015 at 1:03am

I like to eat pizza

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Rebecca Maker, Oregon but raised in R.I.

23 June 2014 at 11:01pm

We sang this a lot in the 50's &60's and then I passed it in to my kids and now grandkids. We used the donut song as the first verse.

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Jen, United States

15 January 2013 at 3:13am

Few verses I know: had a liitle monkey his name was Tim put him in the bath tub to see if he could swim. Drank up all the water ate a bar of soap woke up (we changed it, from died? The next morning with a bubble in his throat. . Had a little chicky wouldn't lay an egg poured hot water up and down his leg. Little chicky hollerd little chicky begged little chicky laid me a hard boiled egg. I had a little peanut sitten on a track hollering for his mother. Along came a train on the track. Ottoohhh peanut butter

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Michael, Australia

9 December 2012 at 7:07am

We used to sign this with the kids in the car on long drives to pass the time. Dad (Boom, boom), Mum (ain't it great to be), repeat. Kids (Crazy), Kids (Giddy and foolish the whole day through), Everyone sang the last line of the chorus. Kids would take it in turn to do verses. Great fun and for passing time. Startled some bystanders if stationary, though.

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Sue, United States

3 December 2012 at 5:03am

I grew up singing this differently with this refrain and now I don't know where I got it, but it was on an album of my older sisters'. Can you tell me where these words came from? "Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy, boom boom ain't it great to be nuts... Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy, when everybody else is nuts, boom boom. "

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Julie, United States

27 May 2012 at 11:02pm

I went in a cave and I saw a bear; He was snoring out loud as he was sleeping there; He woke up and saw me but decided to laugh; I was wearing my pjs with silly giraffes...

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Seth, United States

26 May 2012 at 10:40pm

I went on a picnic with some pumpkin pie I dropped in the dirt and got some in my eye The ants had a party and it lasted all night When my picnic pie ants had a pumpkin pie fight Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy...

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Beth, United Kingdom

14 February 2012 at 1:11pm

Your songs are really great. I love this one!

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Jeygethan, Sri Lanka

23 January 2012 at 6:19pm

liouchgsnf fdjgea gjaogj fkfngusbsl <3 xx

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Donna, United States

25 May 2011 at 1:18am

Another verse: Bought a pair of combination underwear; Guaranteed not to rip or tear. Wore 'em six months without exaggeration- Couldn't get 'em off cause I lost the combination! Boom Boom...It ain't great to be crazy? etc

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Bethann, Canada

2 May 2011 at 11:01pm

siley and funny and a little small

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Luke, United States

6 April 2011 at 2:33pm

I love it!

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Remy, United States

15 November 2010 at 4:10am

i love this song !

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Cory, Montana

16 June 2010 at 2:08am

Here's another verse: Pepsi-Cola went to town Coca- Cola shot him down Dr. Pepper Fixed him up and now we all drink, 7 up.

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Millie, Door Way Looe

30 March 2010 at 4:29pm

what some great songs read them all they are well well good for my children at school i said put your thums up if you liked them songs and they all put there thums up eaven me !

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Bea, Ottawa Canada

23 February 2010 at 6:18pm

I can't believe I found this song! I learned this in grade one! I have sung 2 of these verses to my children, my nieces and nephews and now my grandchildren!

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Gabriella, England

4 July 2009 at 8:56am

all your songs are cool but i vant find hoew to play them

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Sarah, Fredericktown.

23 June 2009 at 1:40am

You have no idea how much I adore this song, but you're missing some verses. TOOK MYSELF TO THE PICTURE SHOW SAT MYSELF ON THE VERY LAST ROW CALLED MYSELF ON THE TELEPHONE JUST TO SEE IF I WAS HOME *chorus* FATHER MOSES KILLED A SKUNK MOTHER MOSES COOKED THE SKUNK BABY MOSES ATE THE SKUNK HOLY MOSES, HOW THEY STUNK *chorus* Also, this song has movements. I can't fit all of them here, but for the chorus: BOOM (elbows pound on table or knees) BOOM (hands pound on table) AIN'T IT GREAT (clap) TO BE CRAZY (make circles around your ears with your fingers) ...during the giddy and foolish, you wave your hands in front of you in time to the rhythm. This is a great favorite at my summer camp when everyone's around tables and you run out of stuff to do.

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Navpreet, Virginia.america

29 January 2009 at 12:09am

your songs are really great and i enjoyed singing them and having fun whith my family and i also love your tounge twisters oh man when it gets to them i cant even breath when i get to them so well thanks and its your pleasurethankyou!

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