Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful


Do I love you because you're beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?
Am I making believe I see in you
A girl too lovely (perfect) to be really true?
Do I want you because you're wonderful
Or are you wonderful because I want you?
Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream
Or are you really as beautiful as you seem?

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Travon, Moldova, Republic of

18 July 2016 at 4:19am

Ce qui est marquant, c’est que Nadal a mal servi une large partie du match et que Tsonga a mal servi au 3ème set.Tsonga a super bien attaqué. Mais face à un meilleur serveur comme Fed ou Berdych, je pense que ça ne serait pas passé.Et j’en reviens aux pronos pour 2012. Fed va repasser n°2 au printemps et n°1 au début de l&#2©17;Ã8té (en gagnant Wimb, voire dès RG s’il fait sa Laver 69).

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Joshua, United States

12 February 2015 at 2:50am

I love girls.

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Jerry, China

27 December 2012 at 2:03pm

it's really a lovely

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Nigel, United Kingdom

10 February 2012 at 8:55am

By Linus from Haiti on 21 December 2010 just to let you know lynda i am a lesbian so i am ready when ever you are Not a very appropriate comment for a childrens song website!

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Tempest, Australia

10 December 2010 at 6:27pm

i hate this song bleck.

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Tempest, Western Sahara

10 December 2010 at 6:26pm

wow that is so ocward.

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Lynda, London, England

17 September 2010 at 8:27pm

hello? its from Cinderella....

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Ellie, London

9 July 2010 at 10:52pm

This song makes my heart beating, and this love song fills my heart..... With love!

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Brienne, Yokosuka,japan

30 May 2010 at 8:29am

This song is so beatiful.It's the beaty of beatiful.

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Stephanie, Al

16 December 2009 at 5:02pm

Dont let me go

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Plug, Al

16 December 2009 at 5:01pm

Can i love wife

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Chari, Al

16 December 2009 at 5:00pm

Can i love peolpel.

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Brittany, Lancaster

23 April 2009 at 5:15pm

it is off the chain!

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Taz, Pueblo,co

11 March 2009 at 5:44pm

this is a very cute song and my friend and i love it very much!<3<3<3

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Bethany, England

2 March 2009 at 7:00pm

i like this song but u could put a little bit of umth into it to make it better

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Ciara, Royal Oak, U.s.

27 January 2009 at 9:58pm

i be likin this song

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