Don't Buy the Liverwurst

Information About Don't Buy the Liverwurst

From Allan Sherman's medley song, "Schticks of one, and half a dozen of the other".


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JMC, United States

1 June 2014 at 1:59pm

Why is it when lyrics get published, the words are different from what you hear on the record/CD/radio? It's "The salami is A-OK, not "Lox put you in orbit..." That line doesn't even fit the melody ("Down by the Riverside"). I remember hearing this one on the radio when I was a kid, and the words here are NOT the ones I know.

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Grace, United States

23 May 2014 at 2:57pm

My sister and I remember this song from our youth, and every year on May 23, we remind each other early in the morning not to go out to lunch and EAT LIVERWURST!

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Therese, United States

9 November 2012 at 11:40pm

This song was often sung at summer camp when I was little.

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Lolo, Kenya

21 December 2011 at 11:35pm


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Sam, Mountain Home Usa

30 July 2010 at 2:04pm

Was looking for catchy songs and found this site

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Britney, Hollywood Ca

6 March 2009 at 11:57pm

I love this song I have no clue why no one voted for it! Oh and I am a McDonalds fan my self and I love there chocolate milkshake!

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