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Once there was an elephant
Who tried to use the telephant--
No! No! I mean an elephone
Who tried to use the telephone--
(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I've got it right. )
Howe'er it was, he got his trunk
Entangled in the telephunk;
The more he tried to get it free,
The louder buzzed the telephee--
(I fear I'd better drop the song
Of elephop and telephong!).

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Sreya, United States

9 July 2015 at 11:53pm

Love it

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arlo, New Zealand

5 December 2014 at 5:33am

i love your tongue twister

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Weeworld, Canada

21 January 2013 at 8:21pm

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Weeworld, Canada

21 January 2013 at 8:18pm

Amazing Dance! Go to WeeWorld and add Syilve321 and talk to her for details!

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Laura, Canada

21 January 2013 at 8:15pm

Come to the Weeworld dance on Feb. 13-15, 2013

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Layla, Canada

21 January 2013 at 7:52pm

Come to the WeeWorld Dance! Feb 13 - Feb 15th, 2013.

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Destinee, United States

5 September 2012 at 2:07am

i have to memorize this poem for my class and I almost got it down because my teacher taught me a way to remember stuff easily.So heres what i say,this is a great poem and if you have the right tools you can remember this great and creative poem.The author was a very creative person which is why this poem was published.Thank you,Laura E. Richards

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Laura, United States

21 August 2012 at 9:36pm

Thank you for identifying the author. This was a favorite poem of mine as a child and I really think credit should be given where credit is due. Sometimes I forget also, but I hope her descendents (if any) don't have to fight to prove who wrote it.

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Lee, Grand Rapids Mi

13 January 2009 at 9:13pm

Eletelephony was written by Laura E. Richards (1850-1943). Perhaps by her life span we might make the leap that a sense of humor and the writing of poetry are both good for one's health and longeivity!

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Mister, Springfield, Usa

14 November 2008 at 8:35am

Why did he say "ele-hop"?

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