Gartan Mother's Lullaby

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Sleep, O babe, for the red bee hums,
The silent twilight's fall;
Aoibheal from the grey rock comes
To wrap the world in thrall.
A lyan van o, my child, my joy,
My love and heart's desire.
The crickets sing you lullaby beside the dying fire.

Dusk is drawn and the Green Man's thorn
Is wreathed in rings of fog;
Sheevra sails his boat 'til morn upon the starry bog.
A lyan van o, the paly moon hath brimm'd her cusp in dew
And weeps to hear the sad, sleep tune I sing, oh love, to you.

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Amanda, United States

29 December 2011 at 10:54am

That's kinda the point of lullaby's (and this site)....they are for kids and babies, it just happens as adults we still love them because they often bring back fond childhood memories and we want to share/create those and new memories with our children!

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Katelyen Miller, Lorain,ohio

7 November 2009 at 2:45am

This song will be some what for kids i guess its good

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