Grandma's Spectacles

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These are Grandma's spectacles,
This is Grandma's hat.
This is the way she folds her hands,
And lays them in her lap.

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Grandma and Grandpa are in this version

(use squeaky 'grandma' voice for first verse)
These are grandma's glasses (make circles with thumbs and index fingers. put them over eyes to imitate glasses)
This is grandma's hat (put a hand on head)
This is how she claps her hands (softly clap hands)
And lays them in her lap (put hands in lap).

(use deep 'grandpa' voice for second verse)
These are grandpa's glasses (make circles with all fingers and thumb -both hands- and put them over eyes to imitate glasses)
This is grandpa's hat (make fists with hands and put them on head)
This is how he folds his arms (fold arms)
And has a little nap (drop head down, pretend to sleep and snore).

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