Have You Ever Been Fishing

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Have you ever been fishing
On a bright and sunny day?

(Pretend to cast fishing rod).

When all the little fishies
Swimmin' up and down the bay?

(Swim with hands).

With your hands in your pockets,
And your pockets in your pants,.

(Put hands in pockets).

And all the little fishies do the
Hootchy Kootchy dance!

(Wiggle hips and do a little dance).

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Leanne, United States

8 September 2011 at 3:53am

the one I grew up too was : Have you ever been fishing on a bright sunny day, when you sat on the rail and the rail gave away, well the nail in the rail tore a hole in your pants and all the little fishies did the hoochy coochy dance

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Momto2girls, Nashville, Tn

25 July 2009 at 8:36pm

I have also heard the second line of the song as-"Sit on the bank and watch the little fishes play." Great song-kids love it!

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