I Stuck My Head In A Little Skunks Hole


Oh, I stuck my head in a little skunks hole and the little skunk said, "well bless my soul,
take it out, take it out, please remove it".

Well I didn't take it out and the little skunk said, "If you don't take it out you'll wish you
were dead, take it out, take it out!' PPPSSSSSTTTTT, I removed it!

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Alpha Skua, USA

18 November 2015 at 12:19am

Remove head from skunk hole and run like the wind

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Martha, United States

18 October 2014 at 5:55am

Oh and no please... Reeee move it

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Martha, United States

18 October 2014 at 5:51am

We sang this as Old Skunk and after removed it we added too late

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JGF, Ohio

31 October 2013 at 3:02am

I heard a variation of this as a kid in Alabama in the early sixties, only remember the first verse: Well I stuck my head In an old skunk's bed And that skunk looked at me and said, Take it out, take it out, take it out, Remove it. I didn't.

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Katie Wetherall, United Kingdom

25 April 2013 at 9:56am

love dis song it gotz me out the hardest time in ma life thankz mandem

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Mackenzie, United States

8 April 2012 at 11:51pm

My friend Cameron sang this to me and as soon as I heard it I started laughing really hard! Except she sang it "if you don't take it out than you'll did " and she said uh uh after the please take it out.

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Betty, United States

12 October 2011 at 6:02pm

We sang this when we were kids to except we sang it "if you don't take it out you'll wish you had".....

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Lindsey, Canada

17 January 2011 at 6:54am

This was one of my favorite songs growing up, I would sing it all the time. It teaches the moral of consequences, if you dont do as you are told there are consequences.

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Shelly, Brownsville, Or

20 November 2009 at 9:44pm

OMG... My mom sang this to my brothers and I when we were young! We loved it! I'm so glad I found it to share with my kids!

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Alicia, Cushing, Ok

17 June 2009 at 1:27am

Who comes up with these songs???? No wonder our children have issues!

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Amber, Brampton Ontario

21 April 2009 at 12:18am

This is just a nasty song! but my kids laughed when they heard it

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