Knock At The Door


Knock at the door,
Pull the bell,
Lift the latch,
Walk in all's well.

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Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

There is an extra step in this version

Knock at the door
Peep in
Lift the latch
Wipe your feet
And walk in.

Game Instructions:

1. Lightly "knock" on the forehead.
2. Carefully rise up each eyebrow.
3. Gently lift up the tip of the nose.
4. Rub the cheeks like you're wiping feet on a mat.
5. Pretend to walk your fingers into the mouth.

A few changes to the song can be found here

Knock at the door
Peep in
Lift up the latch
And walk in


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kaylee kennedy, United Kingdom

2 March 2014 at 10:25am

A 1 year old can say no to that.

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Disha, Bombay

22 July 2009 at 6:23pm

stupaidity is not the word for this poem

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