Ladybug! Ladybug!

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Ladybug! Ladybug!
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire.
And your children all gone.
All except one,
And that's Ann,
For she has crept under
The frying pan.

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Information About Ladybug! Ladybug!

The song "Ladybug Ladybug" is more famously known as "Ladybird Ladybird" an old English nursery rhyme. The rhyme first appeared in print in an English nursery rhymes collection of 1744.

This rhyme speaks about Ladybirds, brightly-colored red and black spotted insects around which there is some superstitious belief. People superstitiously believed that killing a ladybird brought bad luck, and using this verse would make them fly off. Another belief was that if a ladybird lands on you; if it then flies away again, your wish will come true.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

Ann still survives in this version with different lyrics

Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home;
Your house is on fire
and your children are gone.
All but one and her name is Ann;
She hid under the frying pan.

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nicole aleman, miami

26 July 2016 at 9:10pm

i love songggg

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Gena, Weyburn, Sask. Canada

8 August 2010 at 5:53pm

I learned that song from my grandmother when I was a child...55 years ago. How can you copyright a nursery rhymn? That's like copyrighting Jack and Jill went up the hill.

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