Little Girl

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Little girl, little girl where have you been?
Gathering roses to give to the Queen.
Little girl, little girl what gave she you?
She gave me a diamond as big as my shoe.

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hari, China

13 April 2014 at 8:25am

It's a small song I did not love this song

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Amal, Pakistan

1 August 2011 at 3:45pm

Wish the queen gave ME a diamond as big as MY shoe:( nice song though;)

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Prerna, India

21 February 2011 at 2:27pm

it tells us about lovely roses

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Kalli, Canada

6 February 2011 at 12:28pm

it tells you about the queen?

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Katie, United Kingdom

12 December 2010 at 5:49pm

Hehe my dad use to s&y when i would come home l&te little girl where h&ve you een i would s&y Gatherin roses to ive to the queen :D

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Tina, Iran, Islamic Republic Of

2 November 2010 at 7:44pm

nice one..i like it somuch

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Hayat, Australia

8 September 2010 at 1:20am

this is very cute song

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May, Vietnam

24 September 2009 at 3:01am

i like this song so much

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