Moon Of Mamaku


Moon of Mamaku, the night is falling.
Moon of Mamaku, the wind is calling.
Rise above the rim of sea.
Show how lovely you can be.
Sky has made a garden full of flowers.
White jasmine petal stars strewn in silver bowers.
Robes of cloud about the heavens flow.
While we await your golden glow.

Somewhere in the night a bird is singing,
Telling of the joy the night is bringing;
While the island children dream
Night is radiant with your gleam;
Now the eastern sky reflects your pleasure,
Sweet lotus-blossom moon bringing us your treasure.
Glad to see your sheen of mystic rays
We sing a song of joy and praise.

(Humming verse).

Moon of Mamaku we know your story,
How you try to give the world your glory.
Land and sea you softly trace,
Painting pictures with your face.
Restless ocean wave cannot receive it,
No place on humble earth fine enough to leave it.
Yet aware that for your grace we yearn
To Mamaku you will return.

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Carolyn, United Kingdom

2 March 2012 at 8:23am

I too sang this song in school in the 1970s in the UK! We used to have reel to reel tapes that played the BBC broadcast.

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Sausage, United Kingdom

11 February 2011 at 8:29pm

we sang this song at school approx 1979 old jack keane used to tape it off the music fpr schools programme for us!

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Jeanette, Sydney,australia

2 August 2010 at 10:33am

wow!I sang this song at junior school 30 years ago in england.The sessions were called Singing Together.The music was on tape and we all had song books!

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