Mousie Brown


He climbed up the candlestick,
The little Mousie Brown -
To steal and eat the tallow,
But he couldn't get down!

He called for his grandma,
But his grandma was in town;
So he made himself into a ball,
And rolled himself down!
KerPlunk! KerPlunk!

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Information About Mousie Brown

The origin of the Mousie Brown rhyme can be traced to China. The author of The Chinese boy and girl, named Isaac Taylor Headland, says that he got interested in Chinese rhymes when he heard a nurse teach the rhyme to Henry Fenn.

Though not much is known about Mousie Brown's origin, there are several versions of the rhyme. The original version goes "Up the candlestick he ran, Little Mousie Brown, To go and eat the tallow,' In a different version it goes like this "Up the tall white candlestick, Crept little Mousie Brown, Right to the top".

In some versions of the rhyme, there is use of definitive sounds e. g. "And rolled himself down! KerPlunk! KerPlunk!'.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

A different version to enjoy

Up the tall white candlestick climbed little mousie brown
Right to the top but he couldn’t get down
So he called to his grandma, grandma, grandma
But grandma was in town
So he curled himself into a ball
And rolled himself back down


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Marg, United States

29 April 2016 at 5:57pm

I sang this song on a recital. Now, I cannot find it. Any help out there, please?

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Chloe, Canada

15 August 2014 at 8:24pm

Category: Activity Songs

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bex, Kyrgyzstan

10 March 2014 at 10:51am


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hi, Anguilla

10 March 2014 at 10:49am

Millie pedley likes pussay too

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Piotr, Bangladesh

10 March 2014 at 10:48am

i banged ladesh

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Mousie Brown, Brazil

10 March 2014 at 10:46am

This is my song

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fgdreure, Anguilla

10 March 2014 at 10:46am


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Evie, Tokelau

10 March 2014 at 10:45am

i like pussay

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Matthew, Aland Islands ! Åland Islands

10 March 2014 at 10:45am

This song makes me MANGRY

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Dawid, Bhutan

10 March 2014 at 10:44am

i like pussay too

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Becky, Malawi

10 March 2014 at 10:43am


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Cameron, Cocos (Keeling) Islands

10 March 2014 at 10:43am

I love this song and i like pussay

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Miriam, Antigua and Barbuda

10 March 2014 at 10:42am

good song :)

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Matthew Skipworth, United Kingdom

10 March 2014 at 10:41am

This is a good song very entertaining

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Millie Pedley, United Kingdom

16 November 2013 at 10:43pm


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