No Bananas in the Sky


There are no bananas in the sky, in the sky
There are no bananas in the sky
There's a sun
And a moon
And a coconut cream pie
But there are no bananas in the sky, in the sky!

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Information About No Bananas in the Sky

Some actions to have some fun with:

  • No: hand motion both hands together then apart (like "cut" for a movie, sort of)
  • Bananas: peel a banana
  • In the sky: point upward on sky (each time)
  • Sun: gesture a round object in the sky
  • Moon: another round object on the other side
  • Coconut cream pie: gesture a fluffy object (like clouds)

Then each time you sing the song, you leave off some words and just do the actions, until you're left with:

  • There are (action) (action) in the (action) in the (action) (repeat)
  • Just a (action) and a (action) and a (action)
  • But there's (action) (action) in the (action) in the (action).


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Rahelle, Canada

9 November 2012 at 11:50am

Seems more to follow the tune There's a hole in the bottom of the sea

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Jessica, China

28 March 2012 at 4:15am


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Beth Ann, Mokena, Us

3 August 2009 at 6:33pm

This song is to the tune of head, shoulders, knees, and toes so you leave out one of the objects in every verse.

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