Oliver Cromwell


Oliver Cromwell is buried and dead.
There grew an old apple tree over his head.
The apples were ripe and ready to fall.
There came an old woman and gathered them all
Oliver rose and gave her a clop.
Which made the old woman go hippity-hop.
Saddle and bridle they hang on the shelf,
If you want any more you must make it yourself.

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Susan Hill, Essex

14 January 2015 at 10:00pm

I remember my Mum singing it as 'they planted an apple tree over his head' and 'the apples and pears she put on the shelf'. The last part was 'if you want any more you can sing it yourself. Hee Haw sing it yourself!' All the other bits are the same as Sara's version. I sang it with my children whenever I finished a book!

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Sara Fragomeni, Canada

18 October 2014 at 2:22pm

I like the song and I agree you can learn it but the song is missing lyrics and some words are different it should go like this Oliver Cromwell layed buried and dead he haw buried and dead There grew and old apple tree over his head he haw over his head The apples were ripe and ready to fall he haw ready to fall There came and old women to gather them all he haw gather them all Oliver rose and gave her a drop he haw gave her a drop Which made the old women go hippity-hop he haw hippity-hop The saddle and bridle they lye on the shelf he haw lye on the shelf If you want anymore then sing it your self he haw sing it your self

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Michael Williamson, United Kingdom

19 April 2013 at 12:16pm

i lie the song its catching song and everybody can learn it

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