One Bottle Of Pop

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One bottle of pop, two bottles of pop,
Three bottles of pop, four bottles of pop,
Five bottles of pop, six bottles of pop,
Seven bottles of pop, POP!

Fish and chips and vinegar,
Vinegar, vinegar,
Fish and chips and vinegar,
Pepper, pepper, pepper salt!

Don't throw your junk in my backyard,
My backyard, my backyard,
Don't throw your junk in my backyard,
My backyard's full!

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Information About One Bottle Of Pop

"One Bottle of Pop" is an activity song, popular for campfire singing and clapping games. This song was published in the 1988 book "The World's Best Funny Songs" by Esther J. Nelson.

This song can be sung straight through or as a three-part round. As one group finishes singing the first verse and moves on to the second, a new group can pick up the first verse, and so on, until everyone has sung all three verses.

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