Parade of the Wooden Soldiers


The toy shop door is locked up tight
And ev'rything is quiet for the night
When suddenly the clock strikes twelve
The fun's begun.

The dolls are in their best arrayed
There's going to be a wonderful parade
Hark to the drum, oh, here they come
Cries ev'ryone.

Hear them all cheering
Now they are nearing
There's the captain stiff as starch.

Bayonets flashing
Music is crashing
As the wooden soldiers march.

Sabers a-clinking
Soldiers a-winking
At each pretty little maid.

Here they come
Here they come
Here they come
Here they come
Wooden soldiers on parade.

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Information About Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

This song is written by Ballard Macdonald and Music by Leon Jessel.


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Cyelii, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

8 March 2017 at 11:25pm

I will be putting this danzlizg insight to good use in no time.

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