Special Fred

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When I was a boy of ten
I had a very best friend
Fred was kind with good intent
But just a little different.

OH! Special Fred
His momma dropped him on his head
Now he's not so bright instead
He's just a little bit special
Just a little bit. .

We'd play tag and he'd get hurt
I'd play soldier, He'd eat dirt
I liked math and spelling bee's
Fred liked talking to a tree!

OH! Special Fred
His momma dropped him on his head
Now she keeps him the shed
'Cause he's a little bit special
Just a little bit. .

I ran track, hung out in malls
Fred ran head first into walls
I had girls and lots of clothes
Fred had names for all his toes.

Oh! Special Fred
His momma dropped him on his head
Now he thinks he's a piece of bread
'Cause he's a little bit special
Just a little bit. .

One day talkin' to Special Fred
He grabbed a brick and he swung at my head
And as he laughed at me that's when I knew
That special Fred just made me special tooooo!

Now I laugh as I count bugs
I give strangers great big hugs
Next to me Fred is fine
Yeah, he's an Einstien.

OH! Special Fred, and me
Got knocked right in the head, you see
Now we're not so bright instead
We're a little bit special
Just a little bit special
That dumb friend made me special
Just a little bit special. .

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